Yucca Plants in Bloom

While J and I were in Nebraska the weather was gorgeous. One afternoon I looked down the dirt road and saw a bright blue sky and blooming yucca plants. It didn’t take me long to grab my camera.

June 15

Every June J and I clean equipment. We power wash off the mud of spring and get the tractors cleaned up for haying. Last Tuesday morning J went to check cattle and I started washing. It’s a project that takes most of the day. After washing 4-wheelers, the Ranger and a couple tractors, J said I earned my wages for the day. While J was working on the swather Wednesday morning,  I cleaned the inside and washed windows on the tractors. J is close to having things hay field ready.

June 15

We might be haying sooner than later; we usually start around July 1st. This year the alfalfa weevils have moved in early. Several neighbors have sprayed their alfalfa or cut it. We have signs of weevils and there’s rain in the forecast; this the current challenge from Mother Nature.

June 15

Every year J and I do one house improvement project. This year we decided to tin the roof. Wednesday afternoon – Friday two carpenters were here working. J and I helped by acting as the “clean up crew.” The roof is on, but there is a little detail work that needs to be finished up. The roof is one of the last major improvement projects on our old ranch house.

June 15

Thursday afternoon J and I branded the last 10 babies. Sunday afternoon we loaded them up and J hauled them to grass!

Friday the local Fire Department hosted an appreciation supper. J and I helped set up, serve food and clean up. We enjoyed visiting with neighbors on a beautiful evening. The crowd was light, the food was good and everyone went home with a door prize.

June 15

Today Jodene Shaw from White Owl Wings is going to do a Building Blocks Mixed Media Art Class at our local library. We have several mother-daughter pairs signed up to to create three chunky blogs of art on wood by using various art supplies, meaningful words and fun embellishments. It should be a fun day of sharing creative energy and making art.

How is your June going thus far?

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3 Responses to Yucca Plants in Bloom

  1. Alica says:

    I hope you can beat the weevils! We get them too, and for some reason I’m thinking it’s between 1st and 2nd cutting usually, which would be right about not. Pesty little buggers!! Those Yucca plants are beautiful…I must say they’re much prettier out in the fields/roadsides/fencerows than I think they are in flowerbeds around here! They just don’t look natural here. 🙂

  2. Cheri says:

    I love yuccas. Have a few in the yard. This spring summer has been odd. People are getting ready for their 2nd cutting! The wheat is turning golden and the grasshoppers are back! We’ve had a plane out here to spray the meadows. And are going to have them spray up the creek too! Good news is, the seagulls are here too, by the thousands! It sounds like we live by the beach or McDonald’s parking lot! Lol!
    Hope you guys get to your hay before the weevils!
    And I’d say you earned your keep, keeping all that equipment cleaned!

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