Writing and June Beauty

Today’s post is a two-for. June has come to an end and I want to recapture pictures of the most beautiful month on the prairie. I also got tagged in a “blog pass along” by Anne, The Feed Yard Foodie. Anne answered four questions about writing on her blog post and I shall share my thoughts too.

What are you working on relative to writing? My current writing projects are this blog and I pen regular articles for the Lowline Ledger: Official Publication for the American Lowline Registry. When I can I also submit articles to Black Hills Simple Life Magazine, an on-line publication.

July 1

What makes your work different from others’ work in the same genre? My blog friend Kelly, at Old Blue Silo, said it best in her Sometimes I Struggle blog post: each farm/ranch wife is married to a farmer or rancher, all of us have different perspectives of agriculture because of who we are married to and what our environment deals us. In addition, we are individuals from all kinds of backgrounds and life experiences. What makes my work different, I am a Nebraska native who grew up raising cattle and showing steers who married a ranch boy from the northwest corner of South Dakota. Our journey is a story unique to us and I choose to share it on a blog. July 1 Why do you write what you do? Raising cattle in south central Nebraska is very different from the way we do it in northwest South Dakota. The environment is the driving factor in why we do what we do. Weather conditions, land production capabilities and family traditions are a few things that make my ranch life different from my readers. I like to read how ranchers in other parts of the United States do things and be aware of the many ways there are to do the same thing. I hope I can give others an insight to how we raise cattle and why we do what we do. There is no place like this place. I enjoy sharing the beauty of wild prairie flowers, cattle working days, moving pairs or yearlings, gardening, my little helper and the cow dog. My off the ranch adventures give me new photo opportunities and something different to show my followers. I’m not crafty, but try my hand at a few projects and find them fun to share too. As a ranch wife I use blogging as my creative outlet to express my life, ranch life and everything in between.

I have made ranch and farm wife blog friends across the miles: Canada, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and Oregon as well as Nebraska and South Dakota. All of us different and all of us with an understanding about ag wife life.

July 1 How does your writing process work? I seem to have a mind that likes to work overtime. While riding on the 4-wheeler, riding along to check fields or crops, while mowing the lawn or sitting in a tractor my mind streams ideas, memories or ideas to write about. I frequently start my posts by putting together pictures. Later I come back and write about what we are doing on the ranch, share books that I am reading, neat things that I see, or random thoughts about life. July 1 Here are two other writers that I want to learn more about:

Darcy at Success is Reason Enough: Darcy is a young woman from Oregon that is passionate about the Beef Industry. She blogs about the happenings at the Double M Ranch, where her husband works. Darcy and Clint also have a Breeding Service through Genex and get to work with cattlemen across Oregon AIing cattle. Darcy isn’t afraid to blog about the world as she sees it sharing her blessings, struggles, friendships, projects and adventures.

Amanda at Wildly Simple: Amanda is a young mother of five living in the northern Minnesota woods. She is a stay-at-home Mom, wife to a carpenter, homemaker and excellent photographer. Amanda blogs about her very active family, neighbors, the beauty of backwoods living and more.

Thank You, Anne, for being a loyal blog follower and “tagging” me in this “blog pass along.” Here’s to Darcy and Amanda, you’re next!

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8 Responses to Writing and June Beauty

  1. Terryn says:

    I know my writing process (I am posting the blog pass along next week), but it is SO fascinating to see the process of others. Thanks for sharing both your process and your awesome photos!

  2. buttons says:

    Oh Robyn your photos are incredible. I love reading about other ranchers like myself and look forward to checking out all your links to others like us. I enjoy our friendship and look forward to every one of your posts and learning and seeing how it all comes together in your part of the world. Thank you Robyn and you are a great writer. Hugs. B

  3. I enjoyed reading this, Robyn, it’s always fun to learn more about you and others. Thank you for your kind words.. I look forward to answering these questions, too!

  4. Emily Grace says:

    Thanks for sharing, Robyn! I enjoyed learning more about you and I’m looking forward to revisiting these blogs you nominated.

    I would love to submit articles to a publication like you mentioned in question number one. I’m going to take some courage from your habit and try this sometime. 🙂

    Your photography is lovely!

    Emily Grace

  5. Roan says:

    I enjoyed reading about your writing. I was tagged a few days ago, but couldn’t find anyone to tag. Had I only known…

  6. Kim says:

    I’m so glad we connected and are online friends! Thanks for the link, too. Reading your blog posts are always like getting a letter from a friend, so thank you!

    • Robyn says:

      My post are like a letter from a friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kim. I love that thought!

  7. Jessy says:

    I love posts like this – both writing and reading them. It’s fun to answer questions that you may not have thought to answer before!

    I hope the summer is treating you well so far, Robyn 🙂


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