Wondering … Hoping … Learning

Here is the second week of prompts from The Simple Woman’s Day Book.

I am going…  Out to walk through the calves with J and finish up an odd job.  It’s fun to look over the calves, watch them play and photograph them.  I also like to get some fresh air in the afternoon … since I don’t get enough during morning chores.

Jan 22

I am wondering…  Why there are a couple of things I just procrastinate on.  In general, I am NOT a procrastinator, but I have a couple of deals that I drag my feet on.  Does anyone want to come press pants at my house?

I am reading…   To Find a Mountain by Dani Amore.  I started it yesterday and am half way through it already.

Jan 22

I am hoping…  These nice temps with no wind will last  for a while.  Everything just works little smoother when it’s not so darn cold and I am not a fan of wind. 

I am looking forward to…  The weekend!  J and I are going to a bull sale.

Jan 22

I am learning …  to keep my mind on what I am doing.  Focus and pay attention!  That is what J keeps reminding me to do.

Happy Tuesday!


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4 Responses to Wondering … Hoping … Learning

  1. Karen says:

    Press pants? Ummm no, I procrastinate on that one, too. Do we really need smooth trousers? I’m glad the weather has been nice, chores must be difficult when the weather is bitter. Have a great week!

    • Robyn says:

      Yes, we both like starched and pressed pants. The good thing is shortly after J and I were married he got me a press for Christmas. It is the equivalent of 8 hand irons and has saved me so much time. Shirts are pressed for special occasions only.

      Extreme cold is hard on equipment. Cattle can take a lot of cold, if they are dry. Nothing is worse than rain or sleet followed by wind and cold. J and I can take a lot of cold; it’s the wind that makes chores miserable.

  2. Here’s to warmer weather! We’ve been getting it down here, too 🙂 Adorable photos – looks like everyone is happy to be out in the sun and enjoying the days growing longer. Slowly but surely…

  3. Candy C. says:

    I’m lucky, hubby does all the ironing here! 😉
    I really like the edit on that first picture!

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