Winter Walk Through A Greenhouse

Last week I mentioned that Sister’s Husband is an Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor.  K gave Mom and I a tour of the FFA Greenhouse.

The students grew and sold poinsettias for the Holiday Season.  They learned about growing the plants, cost of production, break even price and sales.

About half of the greenhouse is full of pretty flowers.  Perinials, annual plant starters and a few exotic plants.

The other half of the greenhouse is vegetables.  Tomatoes, broccoli, carrots,  green beans, kohlrabi and peas.  The vegetable are grown, picked and eaten by the students.  After the vegetables are picked they are delivered to the school cafeteria and put on the salad bar for the entire student body to enjoy.

It was neat to see so many beautiful blooming plants and growing vegetables in December.  I also think it is great that K’s students are learning about food production, food costs, and sharing the “fruits of their labor” with their peers.

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7 Responses to Winter Walk Through A Greenhouse

  1. Great photos! Very lovely!

    • Robyn says:

      Green House
      Thank You. I had a lot of fun taking picts. We don’t see many blooming flowers or growing vegetables in December.

  2. sandy says:

    Great Ag Ed/FFA project !

  3. Candy C. says:

    How fun! What a great thing for the students to be able to participate in!

  4. kyleen says:

    I wish my school had this kind of program! I’ve always secretly wanted to be a gardener, but I never learned how. All the herbs that I attempt to grow always die or never even sprout to begin with. The poinsettias look gorgeous!

    • Robyn says:

      I wish we had an FFA greenhouse in High School too. I like to garden, but have not made the time to do so the last few years. I almost planted one last spring, but it was wet, cold and miserable until the middle of June. I have good intentions to plant one this spring. Wish me luck!

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