Wind, Frost, Shopping and Socializing

What a busy week!

Monday ~ J worked Hereford calves at the neighbors.  After working cattle they went and loaded the portable corrals we used to precondition calves on Saturday.

Tuesday ~ The wind blew something fierce!  J and his Dad ran errands in town and worked in the shop.  We got another Pullet egg!  I spiffed up the house after a busy day in town and got my list ready.

Slim Buttes

Wednesday ~ J and I went to the big city.  We had a nice day and made a lot of stops.  I got new glasses!  I am so happy to see good again.

I decided to forgo Wal-Mart.  Instead I went to Safeway for groceries and Target for non-food items.  WOW, what a huge difference!  We did end up going to Wally World to get J a watch band.  When we walked in the store, it was a buzz with rushing people and a tense atmosphere.  No wonder I feel crabby after leaving there.  Safeway and Target are clean and have a laid back environment that makes for a much nicer shopping experience.  I see a potential change in my future shopping.

I splurged and bought myself The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I was so excited I started reading it on the way home.

Thursday ~ I woke up to 30 degrees and frost.  J and his Dad did some fencing work around water tanks.  J continues to haul hay.  I got a hair cut after work!  I made these browniesand topped them off with peanut butter frosting.  Little Dog didn’t get a bath … it’s still on the list.

Friday ~ Tonight is the High School Homecoming Football game.  J and I have intentions to go cheer on the Cardinals.  It’s fun to go socialize with the neighbors and support the kids.

Weekend~ I have several odd jobs and domestic things I want to do this weekend.  Little Dog MUST get a bath; then she can use the new bed we got her!  I also volunteered to help J haul some hay.  He would really like to get that job done.  One of the local volunteer fire departments is having their annual pancake and sausage supper on Saturday night.  We will see what all we get done.

The weather sounds like it is going to be beautiful!

What are your weekend plans?

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5 Responses to Wind, Frost, Shopping and Socializing

  1. Candy C. says:

    What a busy week!
    Saturday is Farmer’s Market day, which pretty much takes up the whole day. Sunday I will probably start baking for next week’s market because I have to take hubby’s mom to the doctor in the city on Tuesday.

  2. Marcie says:

    Hey Robyn,
    Target & West side Safeway are my regular stops when we go to Rapid. We only go to Wal-Fart as a last resort. Really, really dislike the place!

    I just got done reading The Help. I thought it was a great book. What did you think? My mom has read the book and seen the movie and she thinks the movie is better than the book. That doesn’t happen very often. I’m told the movie will be in Hettinger on the 30th. Maybe date night for you & J?

  3. Your life is often very similar to mine…only I’m just north of you! I have downloaded The Help on my son’s Kindle and hope to start reading this week.

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