One of the perks of rural living is the wildlife.  We see some form of white tail deer, mule deer or antelope daily.  Sharp tailed grouse, pheasants, golden eagles and the occasional American Bald Eagle are also enjoyed.

Oct 5

Tuesday morning, The Rancher and I went to check cattle.  There is water running or sitting all over the prairie.  The creeks were full, rolling right along and uncrossable for humans and cattle.

The calves look good and the cows have lost their summer bloom.  In the last 12 days we have had a total of 4.25″ of moisture in the form of rain and snow.  All accompanied by wind.  Yesterday was sunning and in the mid 50’s.  The cattle could use more days like that.

October 17

Wednesday morning I left early to go get my tooth fixed.  I toughed it out and went with the no numbing option to have my filling removed and replaced.  It made my day not to have a numb mouth.

October 17

J spent most of Wednesday checking cattle.  We still think we came through the storm with very little loss, if any.  Next week we will be busy moving cattle home from summer grass.  As for today, sounds like we are looking over and fixing fence around the winter pasture to prepare for next week.

What is your favorite wildlife animal or bird?


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14 Responses to Wildlife

  1. cheri says:

    Glad you guys made it out ok. Love bird watching. Had a prairie falcon chowing down on a duck the other morning. A very rare sight. Falcons are very skittish. Have fun moving cows. 🙂

  2. Buttons says:

    Oh I LOVE everyone of them that is the best thing about living in or near the wilderness. Awesome glad all worked out with the cattle. Hug B

  3. Beth P says:

    With all the logging going on across from my front door (not my doing) I am trying not to even think about the forest that once sat across the road or how this flattening of 40 acres entirely is going to effect the wildlife I so used to enjoy here: a bobcat, a black bear, pair of mating ravens, pair of mating owls, pair of mating coyotes, foxes, porcupine, and not to mention all the song birds that left for their winter homes before this travesty began and will return to… *sigh* In answer to your question, I love all wildlife because it all plays a part in keeping our world healthy and happy, and because of the beauty of it all.

  4. Bonnie says:

    I always thought a person would see more wildlife in the woods, but after living in the hills I disagree. You see more on the prairie, because there aren’t as many trees to hide behind. Great photos. Glad you made it through the weather with little loss. My heart goes out to those not so lucky.

  5. Kim says:

    I love seeing the wildlife, too, as long as it’s not about to hit my front bumper. It’s tough to get good photos of our visitors, though, so kudos to you for getting some great shots. I especially like the hay bale photo. Good luck with the cattle duties. With rain (and maybe even a little snow) forecast today, we’re postponing this day’s planned cattle moving session until Saturday.

  6. lynn says:

    wonderful post Robyn, you’d fallen off my bloglist roll, I do not know why, glitches in my system for this happened to a few..I need to come back and go through the past posts. these photos are superb and I love them all, the birds, the beasts, the little the big, and so envy you for the species you see..I should have married that farmer back home, what a grand life, though hard work I know…

    • Robyn says:

      Hi Lynn,

      With the crazy month we have had I missed a few blog posts.

      Thank You for the wonderful comment. Everyday is different in what we see and/or do.

      Is your blog working? I tried to open your link and it came up as “Maynemama” with no posts. I would love to see France from your view.

  7. Karen says:

    I know so little about ranching, that I’m not sure how to picture a cow that’s lost its summer bloom 🙂

    I’m not sure what my favorite wildlife is, but I know that the animal I most want to see is a Moose. I hear they live around our home in Vermont, but I’ve never seen one. I guess coming in a close second, I’d like to see a bald eagle.

    Have a great weekend, Robyn!

    • Robyn says:

      We had a summer with lots of moisture. With all the good moisture the grass has been abundant. The high quality grass has made the cows “fat and sassy.” After the rain, blizzard, rain, wind and cold the cows look like they have been through a lot. Not to mention they are nursing a 550-600 lb calf.

      A few days of sunshine will do them good. In a few weeks we will be weaning calves and the cows will bounce right back.

  8. Teresa says:

    Beautiful pictures. I do hope all the cattle made it through the storms. It’s always scary when that bad weather comes before we’re prepared.

  9. abrianna says:

    I like the last shot – all the bales with the falcon on the end-great perspective.

  10. Sharon says:

    These are wonderful shots of the wildlife. I especially love the photos of the grouse. The only wildlife I see would be my neighbor’s pumpkin-colored cat. Thank you for letting me enjoy the animals in your blog! And I see snow! Glad you’re doing well this week!

  11. Great wildlife! I’ve never seen a sharptail before, but I’m on the look out for ruffed grouse at all times on our gravel road & driveway.. they have a tendency to want to fly smack into your vehicle.
    Of all our wildlife, I probably love otters the most.. they are so much fun to watch. Hard to choose a favorite, though!

  12. Love the shots of your “neighbors” Robyn — I did see a few wild turkeys roaming around our coop the other day. 🙂

    Hope you and J can take a little rest this weekend. You both are working so hard these days!

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