What Dwells in our Hearts?

I came across this quote from Wisdom Bits on my Google+ feed while drinking coffee yesterday morning.

July 10

The most sacred place dwells within your heart, where dreams are born and secrets sleep, a mystical refuge of darkness and light, fear and conquest, adventure and discovery, challenge and transformation. Our heart speaks for our soul every moment while we are alive. Listen… as the whispering beat repeats: begin, be…gin, be…gin. It’s really that simple. Just begin… again.” ~Royce Addington

July 10

To me  part of that sacred place is passion. For me a passion for agriculture.

July 10

Tuesday: J’s Dad and I raked and baled hay from 8:30 am – 9:00 pm. J swathed hay, moved home from the creek bottoms, serviced his swather and started cutting oats. He also had some business to tend to in the afternoon. J’s Mom checked cows and cut oats.

July 10

Wednesday: We woke up to a heavy due so J’s Dad and I didn’t leave the yard until 8:30. After servicing the equipment we were back at it around 9:30. We called it a day at 8:00 pm. J’s Mom continued to peck away at the oats, while J had a meeting in town.

With good luck today J’s Dad and I should finish up baling the creek bottoms and move back home. The oats should be layed down and cattle checked.

July 10

The prairie has produced a lot of hay. It’s fun to see so many bales dot the fields. J says the oat crop is phenomenal. He has never cut oats so thick and tall. We are excited to see what the forage type (beardless) winter wheat will be like. We shall have lots of feed for the cattle this winter.

Here’s to happy haying and a good Thursday!

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11 Responses to What Dwells in our Hearts?

  1. Laurie says:

    Good morning Robyn! What a wonderful quote and such pretty pictures. So glad that you all will have so much to feed your cattle this winter. It is always a blessing when the fields are thick with grass.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Laurie – Country Link

  2. Darcy says:

    So, so, so glad that haying is going well! I pray that it continues that way for you – what a blessing, both great feed and the ease of harvest. Love the quote – keep living your dream! 🙂

  3. Cheri says:

    Love that saying!
    So awesome when a rancher says phenomenal! That is saying something! Congrats! 🙂
    I think raising crops is so much more time consuming then raising cattle. Just my opinion. And we don’t have any crops, so to speak.

    • Robyn says:

      You are right, Cheri, phenomenal is a far and few between used term.

      I frequently think that men coming home to the ranch need to have mechanical training. J does a lot of work on our equipment. It is time consuming to do machinery maintenance. When we have a breakdown the wheels in J’s mind start turning to problem solve, my mind goes blank.

  4. Julie @ In Between the Sunsets of Life says:

    Love the quote! Thanks for sharing and your photos are always delightfully beautiful!

  5. Karen says:

    Your little flowers are so pretty – they look like hidden treasures. It sounds as though you’re having a good season – and that must be a great feeling as I know it isn’t like that every year.

    • Robyn says:

      The flowers are cactus blooms and dot the prairie. They bloom in 3 different colors and always make me stop to appreciate the simple things.

      This hay crop is one for the record books. We are excited to fill the hay corrals as last year we ran short due to a late May hail storm.

  6. Such pretty blooms, Robyn, and so glad you are having good harvests this year!
    My sister & her husband baled hay throughout last week.
    One of their fields was so thick from all the wetness we had this year they couldn’t make hay but turned it into silage.
    They invested in a round baler this year too… no more square bales! 😉

  7. Jennifer says:

    Oh, I love that quote. Sounds like a very productive few days! Keep up the hard/exhausting/oh-so-satisfying work 🙂

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