We’re Having a Heat Wave

Christmas is near and I have many thoughts swirling around in my head.  The cold spell was enough to set me almost crazy.  Something about extreme cold and putting on lots of winter clothes makes me tired.  I’m sure we will have a few more long winter afternoons to be cooped up in the house.  I find peace in being alone in the quite of my house.  I am not asking for much just some time to think and process by myself.  I don’t get that everyday and sure appreciate the days I do!

December 17

If in doubt, report on the weather.  We had a heat wave.  Sunday’s high was 41* and yesterday was just above freezing.  What a turn around from -18*.  While choring the other day I started peeling off my winter coat (I bundle in many layers). If I am warm enough, its nice out.  With sunshine and no wind temps in the upper teens are nice.  The snow has settled a bit and J made the cows “make their own living” for a couple of days. This to shall come to an end; the next cold front is in the forecast for later this week.

December 17

Last week we made several trips to small town.  The Ranch Pickup needed some mechanicing, we had a business meeting and Saturday night we took in the Varsity Boy’s Basketball game.

I think there will be more trips to town this week.  Rosie and I are headed to North Dakota Broader town and J needs to make a trip south.  We don’t “divide and conquer” often, but is a necessity at times.

Funny how we can go a week or two and almost not leave the Ranch, then we have a span of being gone several days in a week.  It’s nice to get off the yard and see something different for a day.

December 17

I have been pecking away at house jobs.  I cleaned and got Christmas decor out.  I don’t have a tree up, but Santa and glittery decor.  I have also done a little cooking/baking and a bit of paper work

The Rancher went coyote hunting with a neighbor Saturday afternoon and spent Sunday afternoon ice fishing with Cousin T.  He didn’t bring home any fish.  Either the fish weren’t biting or they got distracted by the conversation.

December 17

Monday we ran the First Calf Heifers through the chute.  They got a new ear tag, year brand, shots and poured.  We spent more time waiting on dinner to heat than it took to run the heifers through.  Yeah for a great crew!  Now you know my inspiration to cook.  I always like to make a better than everyday meal for those that help us work cattle.  If we have an icky day to or the cattle work hard I tend to think a good meal will make up for it. If not, maybe they will come back to help for the cookin.

December 17

With this cold spell we keep Rosie in the entryway.  J took the “baby gate” and placed it so Rosie is locked in front of the utility sink.  It’s not a perfect fit.  With the help of a 2X4 and a folded up cake mix box J made the gate fit tight.  Rosie has officially knocked the gate down twice.  The first time she heard me rustling around brushing my teeth and got anxious to get outside.  Saturday night we got home from town, opened the door and my fresh cleaned entry was trashed.  Trash can tipped over and stuff torn, chewed and scattered.  I am glad I took the bad trash out earlier in the day.  The mess was more shocking than anything.  We love our puppy and she keeps us on our toes!

How is your December going?

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10 Responses to We’re Having a Heat Wave

  1. Laurie says:

    We have had our share of really cold days here too, but nothing in the negatives, yet! Stay warm and enjoy what quite times you do get. LL

  2. Buttons says:

    Oh Robyn I must admit I am waiting for the heat wave:) to hit here too doing chores in this cold is very tiring. Have fun decorating and give Rosie a hug for me. Funny dog. Take care Hug B

  3. Cheri says:

    We’ve had a heat wave here too. Was close to 50* the other day. 2 new baby calves on the ground as of today. We had a bull get in with the heifers when they were still on the bunk! He got busy in just a day. 17 earlys! You guys sound like us. Home for weeks, then to town a few days in a week..

  4. Fran says:

    Happy looking cows in a bright day of snow. Have some of our heat wave, 70+. We cherish our few days of cold but then are always ready for spring. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  5. tanya breese says:

    oh i always enjoy catching up with you! puppies can sure be a handful, but worth it! merry christmas!!

  6. Beautiful photos and lovely post ~ thanks, carol, xxx

    December is moving right along ~ a mixed bag of holiday and life stuff ~ the gift of life ~ sacred in the ordinary ~ thanks for asking ^_^

  7. genie says:

    Oh, how I love those last two pictures. They are beautiful. My you must have bays days. I cannot even begin to imagine all the hard work that must go into running a full fledged dance. Kudos to you. Thanks for your visit to my blog today. genie

  8. Bonnie says:

    I am also hoping for a heat wave. Word is it is to get colder before it gets warmer. Oh how I dream of summer and laying in bed complaining about it being too hot to sleep.

  9. I get tired of all the layers too…I like wearing a down vest over a heavy sweater to deliver mail…leaves me more room to maneuver♪ Happy merry wonderful Christmas! http://lauriekazmierczak.com/tundra-out-there/

  10. Teresa says:

    Always busy on the farm. Glad working heifers went well and you had great help. These crazy up and down temps drive me crazy. It’s so hard on the animals. Hope you have a great holiday!

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