Weekend Hail Storm

Last Saturday night the Rancher and I listened to rain and wind until 11 o’clock, than we heard  hail.  A few minutes later we were in the middle of a full fledged hail storm.  When the storm passed J went to open the front door, it was stuck.  The driving wind piled enough hail in front of the door J had to go out a window.  He had to scoop hail out of the way and freed the door.  At 12:45 we looked out the window and the yard was still white.

May 28

I am going… to say we got around an inch of rain.  It’s hard to estimate when the wind is that fierce and rain is coming in sideways.

I am wondering… how the grass, hay fields and crops will recover from the storm.  The house and other buildings received little damage.  Two windows on the north side of our house will need screens replaced, maybe the entire window.  The house trim and deck need some work.

This is a picture of two summer pastures and the late planted oats.

May 28

I am reading… between the lines.  More rain is a blessing.  This storm filled most of the dams and the corn was not up yet.  It is early in the grass growing season and we are optimistic that it will recuperate.  Our home is together and we are safe.

I am hoping… that the moisture and warm temperatures will start the grass and crops growing again.

This is a tree patch northeast of our house.

May 28

I am looking forward to… Summer days ahead.  Re-planting my container garden and painting trim. Our deck staining project has been on the back burner and just got promoted to a high priority.  

I am learning… the importance of hopefulness and being aware of blessings amongst the rubble.

Here are some hail pictures from the morning after.  The mounds you see in the water are hail, washed up grass and debris. 

May 28

Yesterday morning was misty and foggy.  In the afternoon, it opened up and rained cats and dogs.  We ended up with another inch of moisture.  This morning,I am glad to see the sun.

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11 Responses to Weekend Hail Storm

  1. Nancy says:

    Our storm forcasts anymore consist of “damaging winds and hail are possible”. More times than not, we don’t get it. And I’m thankful for that. Hail makes me nervous. After the last major hail we had everything came back more beautiful than before though. I am happy for you to have rain. We know what it’s like needing it so bad. Which we do. Last night the skies were so dark and stormy. With lots of rain. Just not for us. They parted right before reaching us and met up again right after. :/ A little discouraging, but like you, “I am learning… the importance of hopefulness and being aware of blessings amongst the rubble”.

    • Robyn says:

      I grew up around South Central Nebraska and your weather sounds similar. Summers were full of warnings and watches for tornadoes and severe storms.

      Things look better today than Sunday. The early planted oats are green and we can row the corn. It’s funny how the storm tracked across the prairie. The west side of our ranch looks like it had hard rain while the east and south parts got hit hard by hail.

      Best wishes to you for a safe summer.

  2. Gracie says:

    I have experienced hail, but never a hailstorm. And from your post, I don’t think I’ll ever want to. Glad to know it didn’t do much damage to your property, Robyn.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry you got hail. I’m glad your corn wasn’t up yet. Our Kansas forecast calls for several days of unsettled weather, with hail and tornadoes possible. I will continue to hope for gentle moisture and no storms. I’ll hope the same for you!

    • Robyn says:

      I hope you don’t get severe weather, Kim! Rain is good, tornadoes and hail can keep to themselves. We have a good chance for more rain tonight and tomorrow. It was a beautiful day and I was glad to see the sun. We branded 10 of the newest babies, got them out to grass and did a little fencing.

  4. Karen says:

    Oh my – that is a lot of hail! I hope the fields recover okay.

  5. Candy C. says:

    OMG, those pictures of the front porch are awful! We have had hail before but nothing, nothing like that! I hope the fields recover and thank goodness the corn wasn’t up yet. I guess as a rancher’s wife you have to learn to be hopeful and look for the blessings wherever they appear.

    • Robyn says:

      I honestly don’t think I have been through a hail storm like that. J doesn’t remember hail that bad when he was growing up. They had many hail storms, but non this severe. I kept waiting for hail stones to come through the window. Surprisingly, the houses and buildings had little damage. Sunday at dusk there were still huge drifts of hail in the dams.

      The grass and oats looked better today and we could row the corn this morning. The hay crop might be late, but better late than non-existent.

  6. Carletta says:

    I have never seen that much hail at one time!
    Glad the damage wasn’t extensive.

  7. Wow, that’s a lot of hail. I agree with what you said above – I love a good soaking rain and a nice thunderstorm that rolls by.
    But hail & tornadoes, and damaging winds too, can keep to themselves.

    I hope your weather evens out for good hay & crops.
    We had frost yesterday morning.. luckily the plants in the garden fared fine.

  8. Dawna says:

    I heard that there was a big hail storm at Maple Creek, which isn’t too far from us. Hail and wind damage is always a fear of mine ! One works so hard in the yard, planting crops and mother nature can sure change that in a hurry! The 26 years we were at the farm in Hanna , thankfully we had little damage due to storms.
    The grass should comeback as you said and I pray that the rest of the season goes well for you.

    Have a great week end!

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