Visit from Sister

My sister and her husband, K, came to visit 4th of July weekend.

K and M


K is a High School Ag teacher and M works in Ag Communications.  They raise and sell Show Lambs and Sheep.

Sisters and Dogs


We love our dogs Molly and Penny!  The appearance of our dogs, Boston Terrier and a Dochshund, are as different as our personalities.  In High School we learned to appreciate our differences and became best friends.  Molly and Penny need more time together.

Sister and the boys.


We married sisters!


J and I


As M and K headed home last Monday, J and I went to the hay field. 

I raked for J on the 4th of July and yesterday.  We have had a little over and inch of rain in the last week.  We love the moisture, and keep pecking away at puting up hay.

Yesterday I listened to the Classic Rock station on the radio.  At 5 o’clock they had 2 hours of music from the 90’s.  It was awesome, and made me think of the good times Sister and I had in High School. 

Are you close to your siblings?  What are you up to this weekend?  How does the hay look on your ranch?

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2 Responses to Visit from Sister

  1. Michelle says:

    Hay is fantastic…mole hills not so much! That wet dirt is going to be the end of me! AHHHH…there, I vented. We use a swather and it plugs constantly this year. However, I am thankful for the lush hay. Siblings…wish mine was closer! Africa is a long ways to stay close, but the internet and Skype help. They are coming home for six months in Aug…so am very happy about that. Making brunch for church this am…so better run check that. Have a great day, Robin!

    • Robyn says:

      Glad to hear haying is going good, Michelle! Your siblings are in Africa? You will be glad to have them home for a while. Thanks for the comment.

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