Vintage Tractors

I enjoy looking at tractors from yester year. It amazes me to think that when each of these “new” tractors came out they were the best mechanical advancements of their time. They made farm life easier and more efficient. I look at the big new tractors of today and think how fast technology has developed and progressed.

These tractors were on display at the Nebraska State Fair.

September 23

Our corn is chopped and fermenting in a silage pile. The guys got in a good day’s work last Thursday and Friday and were done before noon on Saturday. Saturday afternoon they moved the chopper and truck over to start chopping the neighbor’s corn.

Also on Saturday, J and I got the tool bar hooked up and greased so J’s Dad could start working summer fallow.

September 23

With J busy chopping corn I’ve been doing odd jobs around the yard and skirt work. How can there be so many little jobs to do? I need to stop looking around or I will never see an end.

J’s Mom and I mowed last week, hopefully for the last time this fall. I also cleaned up my container garden; except the tomatoes as they are still producing. Now, J needs to come in with the bobcat and fill in Rosie’s attempts to dig to China.

Saturday I defrosted the freezers; a task we like to do before getting new beef. Earlier this month J took our “beef” heiferette into the local grocery store/ harvest shop. A good weekend project as the meat was ready yesterday afternoon.

September 23

I used my garden tomatoes, green peppers and fresh parsley to make spaghetti sauce. I usually freeze the sauce, but decided to give the oven canning method another try. I had success the first time and it worked again!

Sunday I decided to use up the bag of bananas I found while going through the freezers. Two batches of Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and one recipe of Aunt Gerie’s Banana Bread later and I am stocked up on goodies.

September 23

I squeezed in a little craft project too. After a friend shared the project idea with me, I knew I had to try it. I found this chain in Minnesota. It was too pretty to put away for winter storage, so I put it in the living room. I have a second chair to work on, but I need to cut a whole in the seat first.

September 23

Monday morning J’s Mom and I moved pairs to a different pasture. It was a gorgeous morning for a 4-wheeler ride.

Later today we are expecting visitors! More on that later in the week. Hope you are taking full advantage of the turn of seasons. Life has not slowed down at our ranch, but after we get all the hay hauled maybe we can catch our breath. Maybe.

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3 Responses to Vintage Tractors

  1. Kim says:

    Randy started planting wheat yesterday. The guys we hire to do our silage were supposed to start yesterday. Now, they are supposed to come today. We’ll see if they show. We got a few sprinkles this morning. I have a dental appointment today, so we’ll see if I get any photos of the silage harvest this year. The chair is cute. The yellow will surely brighten any day!

  2. Cheri says:

    Love the old tractor relics. We had an old OLD tractor given to us, so we turned it into a spray tractor. Beats walking with a 2 gallon sprayer!
    Love the chair. What a cute idea.
    My son and his girlfriend have been here the past few days. So not a lot is getting done!
    Tomorrow we will process the steers!

  3. Kerrie k says:

    Can you explain the oven canning method? I am very curious. Thanks

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