Veiw from my 4-Wheeler

It is amazing how dynamic a week can be.  Last Monday we were dealing with snow, cold and wind.  Warm temps late last week melted the snow and yesterday’s hurricane like wind dried things out.  We deal with wind all the time, so it is a non event.  Sunday’s wind was above and beyond normal, even for us.  Yesterday evening the wind brought flurries, just to remind us that spring is NOT here yet!  The wind died down over night; this morning it is 24 degrees.

Our cows are calving right along.  We are still waiting on the last 7 first calf heifers to calf.

Friday, after I got home from work, I helped J take out pairs.

J trailing a pair out.


We count how many pairs we take out everyday.  We take cattle to three different summer pastures and need a specific number of pairs for each pasture.  In addition, we need to know how many head are out in the group so we can feed them accordingly.  We use clothes pins as our counters.  When one takes a pair through the gate a pin gets moved down.  When we are done who ever closes the gate checks to see how many pins have been moved.  J keeps a calendar on the refrigerator with the running total of pairs out. 

Clothes Pin Counters


I could not resist the urge to take a picture of the pretty Friday afternoon sky.

When we went out to feed on Saturday morning I saw this little guy.  He was brand new!

J and I went ahead of the tractor to gather pairs to feed.  We had just a few minutes for me to snap this shot.  

As we ride the pasture we find the new babies hunkered down in the grass, safe and warm.

Sunday morning we start all over again feeding cows.

It is kind of interesting to stop and recognize that during calving season a rancher basically does the same thing everyday.  Yet, everyday is different because of the environment and animals we work with.

How was your weekend?  How is calving going or are you done?  How do you count pairs out to pasture?

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7 Responses to Veiw from my 4-Wheeler

  1. Kari Sanders says:

    Branding completed. Everything went just fine.

    • Robyn says:

      One BIG job out of the way, what a relief! Now you can start farming. J and T started getting the tractors prepared so they are ready to start when the time comes.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Your photos are gorgeous … such wide open spaces look like they go on forever. Love the clothespin counters – great idea!

  3. Shelly Rager says:

    That wet baby is my new screen saver at the office! Thanks Robyn!!

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