Valentine’s Day and Other Stuff

Happy Day After Valentine’s Day! J and I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. I give J a Valentine’s Day card and J usually makes me a card. This year he took the card I gave him last year, wrote a note and gave it back to me. It was an excellent card and a compliment that J didn’t find a better one!

I made kabobs for Sunday dinner and we took it easy. One reason we stayed in Saturday night was because we got rain. Yes, rain in February! After the rain it went to snowing big fluffy flakes. We got a couple inches of the white stuff. Yesterday it got into the upper 30’s and melted half the snow away.

February 15

The above is Sally. He’s one of my chicken coop guards. I was excited when I finally captured him laying in the nests. As far as I know, there is no evidence he is an egg eater. Sally is a friendly ol guy, but not the lover that Punkin was. Punkin got run over in January.

The hens have picked up their egg laying! I’m getting five eggs most days, I hope it continues.

February 15

Last Tuesday I went to the beauty shop. What is it about getting your head scrubbed and hair cut that makes one feel good? I had her cut layers for a little added style, while maintaining my hair length. Being able to pull my hair into a pony tail is non-negotiable.

February 15

In the afternoons J and I have been doing a few jobs outside. The weather has been unseasonably nice and there always seems to be an odd project to keep us occupied. Mechanicing is not J’s favorite task, but one he stays on top of. Greasing equipment and washing windows is done every warm winter day we get. J and I transferred corn, cleaned the gravity wagon that was holding pellets and hauled some dried distiller’s grains (ddg’s) to the garage. We will feed the ddg’s to the beef we will harvest next summer. There is a metal crusher from Minnesota in the area. J and I spent some time gathering up junk that needs cleaned up. We hope to see the crusher later this week.

February 15

Saturday afternoon I started a couple art projects. The two collages I’m working on will be birthday gifts.

Jodi came up with a bonus collage idea for Lesson #8. She is challenging us to think about our personal fears, figure out what we need to do to over come them, and take the step out of fear’s darkness. I have a few thoughts for this collage and am still processing some of the “tough questions.”

February 15

If you are looking for a feel good easy read Andrea Hurst has a three book series called the Madrona Island series. I’ve read Book #1, The Guestbook, and Book #2, Tea and Comfort. As far as I can tell Book #3 is not available yet.

I’m currently reading Pause to Rewind by Aimee Alexander. Again, a book about a character’s hidden secrets, how she deals with them, what calls the truth out and how she grows in the process.

I am also reading Shauna Niequist’s devotional Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are. I am really enjoying Shauna’s outlook on life.

Did you do anything special for Valentines’s Day? What are you reading?


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9 Responses to Valentine’s Day and Other Stuff

  1. Janet Birky says:

    Thank you for the lovely card,note card and message for valentine day. You are so thoughtful! Bill and I went to church and to a fireman pancake feed. We took a nap and just relaxed. Today our church is having a special lunch for seniors. Thursday we are going to Billie basketball game in Lincoln at Norris. Friday I am going to Kansas to spend weekend with my grandsons. Bill has a supper with his dog groups and meeting Saturday eve. Have a great week, it is to be warmer temps this week! Love

    • Robyn says:

      You are more than welcome, Aunt Janet. I enjoy sending fun mail.
      Hope you enjoyed the pancakes and seniors lunch. Travel safe to Lincoln. I think Lisa’s Husband is the girls basketball coach for Norris. Have a fun time with your Grands in Kansas. I’m sure they will be glad to have you visit.

      Love to you and Uncle!

  2. Kim says:

    I like your cat photos! We haven’t gotten any more than a dusting of snow this winter. This week is supposed to be unseasonably warm. Let’s hope for lots of babies this week.

    I made Randy a blueberry pie for Valentine’s and he got me a card. We went to church and then I went back to town to sing a solo for the rest home service. We didn’t have a single baby on our nice day yesterday. Such is life!

    • Robyn says:

      I hope you have lots of babies this week too. Looks like the calving shed is a success!
      I see it’s 42* this afternoon and we’ve had rain showers on and off today. Crazy!

  3. Pam Galindo says:

    Dear Robyn…..I have 3 books that I will suggest to you and your readers: (1) COTTAGE FOR SALE, MUST BE MOVED…..a woman moves a house to make a home….. by Kate Whouley….. Ballantine Books; (2) LIFE WOULD BE PERFECT IF I LIVED IN THAT HOUSE….. a true story of one woman’s quest for the four perfect walls to call home….by Meghan Daum….Vintage Books, a Division of Random House; (3) PRODIGAL SUMMER….the celebration of human nature, and nature itself….this book weaves together 3 stories of human love amid the mountains and farms of southern Appalachia….. by Barbara Kingsolver……Harper/Collins books.

  4. CountryMum says:

    Valentines Day is always low key for us. My husband usually raids our neighbour’s garden for a bloom, much to her delight. Our son seems to have taken it upon himself to uphold the family tradition – he sort assistance from his grandmother and her garden for a suitable posy for his girl.

    • Robyn says:

      Fresh picked flowers for Valentine’s Day sounds fun! It never crossed my mind that Valentine’s Day is in the summer for you.

  5. Jenn says:

    Your Sally looks like my Coltrain. He’s a big, 20 lb lug of cat and he’s super loveable. My chickens are laying pretty good right now too — and I’ve got 16 new chicks coming in May! I may have gotten carried away in the ordering department.

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