Ultra Sounding Heifers

Last Saturday a Veterinarian came to the ranch to ultra sound bred heifers.

Late Friday afternoon we gathered the heifers.

J and his Dad rode 4-H wheelers to gather the cattle. I lead them in and Roxie got to run.

The Vet sets his chute in front of ours.

The Vet looks at the screen to determine number of days bred, sex of the calf, and if there are twins.

J is the record keeper.

All done and back to the herd.

We had two sets of neighbors help us ultra sound.  It takes a fast crew to keep up with the vet.  Thank You I for taking pictures!

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2 Responses to Ultra Sounding Heifers

  1. Amy Kirk says:

    We have never done ultrasounding on our cows but we do preg check them. I’m like you; I lead them in. Do you honk or holler or lure them in with feed? We use a standard long and two short honks (the Kirk’s old party line number) and if we’re getting in our replacement heifers, I call them in. Our replacement heifers are used to me because feeding/watering them is usually my chore. I tease Art that they come in better when I call them because they like my voice better.

    • Robyn says:

      Most of the time I am in the back on a 4-wheeler and J’s Mom is the leader. She was gone the day we got the heifers in, so I was the leader. The cattle are cake broke and I am a honker.

      J’s dog is turning out to be quite priceless. He will tell you Roxie’s biggest limiting factor is J. She is J’s dog and he can do about anything with her. They are so much fun to watch.

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