Tuesday Pictures

I wanted to do a quick picture post this morning before Molly and I head south.  Here are a few shots from the last week.

Cows walking across the dam on a foggy morning.

Feb 12

Fritz gets to ride along … if I am in a good mood.

Feb 12

The calves are growing and healthy.

Feb 12

Thirsty calves.

Feb 12Enjoy  your Tuesday.

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15 Responses to Tuesday Pictures

  1. Erin Mullins says:

    I always love seeing your photos! Hopefully we will soon be seeing some more green grass in the backgrounds 🙂 We can only hope right!!

    Have A Wonderful Day!
    PS Watch out for an antique chicken post on my blog in the near future 🙂 Thanks for the Idea!

  2. Kim says:

    I love the photos, especially the cows in the fog and Fritz. Have a wonderful Tuesday, Robyn!

  3. J. Rhoades says:

    Great photos, have a good trip!

  4. Janet says:

    Now tell me why calves or even cows prefer to drink in the cup opposite their side from where they are standing? Never can figure that one out: except that maybe they like the ice to build up on the other ‘guys’ side of the waterer. tee hee.
    Nice pics as usual. Have a fun trip.

  5. Candy C. says:

    The picture of the cows on the dam is really neat! Have a safe trip! 🙂

  6. Rose says:

    I love the shot of the cows walking across the dam….

  7. Buttons says:

    Robyn have a great time and I just love your photos. Hug B

  8. Nancy says:

    I’m enjoying seeing the cattle this time of year… great shots Robyn.

    Thanks for participating in the Boost-My-Blog Party!

  9. lovely pics…visiting from BMB party !

  10. Sandra says:

    I love your pictures!
    First Visit to your farm (Valentine Blog Party)
    Happy Valentines Day

  11. Nina says:

    Hi Robyn, great and sweet pictures! Your header is beautiful! Visiting you from BMB, have a great day, Nina

    • Robyn says:

      Nina, Thanks for dropping in!
      I enjoyed your Day of Friendship post! I love the quote you found:

      “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that
      they can grow separately without growing apart.” ~ Elizabeth Foley

      Thanks for sharing.

  12. patty says:

    Hi! Visiting from the Valentine’s Day Blog Hop! I love your pictures!

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks for stopping in, Patty! I appreciate it. I am unable to leave a comment on your blog, but it looks like you have some neat things going on.

  13. Tina says:

    Gorgeous photos! Visiting from BMB.
    Safe journey!

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