Trying to Make Hay

We are haying.  In short grass country, we get one cutting of hay and we cover a lot of ground.  We have been at it over a week and have a ways to go.  For the most, part it’s going good.  A few minor breakdowns, but nothing that took longer than a day to get back up and running.  Sunday morning we had a .30″ of rain and another .30″ Sunday night.  Last night, wind and .15″ of rain.  Haying delayed.  We are thankful for the needed moisture.

Around the house… not much goes on when I am in the hay field raking.  J works in the swather cutting hay and J’s Dad runs the baler.  Between the breakdown and rain I have been able to keep up with housework, laundry and make the sporadic real meal.  We currently have no routine.

I am pondering… how hours and hours in a tractor can pass faster than one thinks.  It also crosses my mind how far I could have driven in a car for the same amount of time I spend in the tractor.

July 9

A favorite quote for today… make hay while the sun shines!

One of my favorite things… working with J.  We have our moments, but for the most part we get along good and get a lot done.  I enjoy riding along and checking fields with him.

I took this picture one evening last week when we were checking an oat field.

July 9

A few plans for the rest of the week... working in the hay field driving the raking tractor.

A peek into my day… we try to start early in the morning raking and baling hay and quit in the evening.  By the end of the day I am glad to get out of the tractor and move around.  Some days we start raking and baling later in the morning because the hay is not quite dry enough.  This is when I squeeze in skirt work and a walk.

I like to take Miss Molly with me to check fields and pick J up in the evening.  I think she likes the ride too!

July 9

How is haying going in your area?  Are you getting rain?

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11 Responses to Trying to Make Hay

  1. Buttons says:

    Oh Robyn It is nice to hear for the most part you are getting it done. We have yet to cut one row of hay as it rains every other day. The hay is taller than I in most fields it will be a good crop if we can get it off. Last night we had a terrible storm tail end of the one that hit Toronto Ontario last night, it flattened all those fields of hay it looks like it has been cut. This will take longer than we think but if it dries and gets hot out the discbine will pick it up. It is getting a little stressful right now but we are grateful we never cut as many of our friends and neighbours did they cut and raked and now it is lying in unbelievable amounts of rain.
    Take care Robyn I wish you good luck on the rest. Be safe. Hug B

    • Robyn says:

      Miss B,
      I heard on the news this morning about the Toronto storm and thought of you.

      There was a bad storm in Montana last night too, baseball sized hail. It petered out before getting to us. We got wind and rain and thankfully nothing damaging.

      J thinks we should be able to rake and bale in the morning. I’m ready.

      Hope you and Your Hero can get in the hay field soon.

  2. Kim says:

    Your haying is different than ours, so I enjoyed seeing the photos! Hope it continues to go well for you. Randy put down more alfalfa yesterday. They hope to rake and bale it tomorrow morning.

  3. J. Rhoades says:

    Hubs and his dad have been haying like crazy around here too since it’s finally dried out enough to do it – we’re so behind! They do lots of custom haying for other people so they are just now getting to our own stuff, but it’s finally getting done! Haying sure does make for long days, but it will be worth it when we hopefully have enough for the cows to eat this winter!

  4. Be sure and “make hay while the sun shines”….couldn’t resist. Happy haying (couldn’t resist that either)…!!!

  5. cheri says:

    Looks like you all have been busy busy! They are on their 2nd cutting of alfalfa around here. The first cutting got rained on. But the second should be good. We buy all our hay from the local producer. We usually get first cutting and 4x4x8 bales. Try to get 650 ton. And small bales for the barn.
    Summer for us is spraying weeds, moving heifers and chillin by the pool. This time of year is our “lazy” time. No crops for us, just cows. But come August we start kickin it into high gear.
    Happy haying!

    • Robyn says:

      J and I have done a little spraying. A few thistle and weeds around the yard. J sprays his own corn and had a neighbor spray oats for us. My folks spend a lot of time spraying thistle in late May-early June.

      After haying things will calm down for a little bit, than calf preconditioning. We will start hauling hay home in September. I think J had several fencing jobs he wants to tackle too.

  6. My sister & brother in law got their hay cut, only to be hit by torrential rain.. so they had to let it dry a while. A thin crop compared to recent years, due to the late start of the growing season here. (snow that wouldn’t leave.)
    They do square bales, small operation.
    Here at our house, we have a couple of large neighboring fields, which a neighbor puts up in round bales. He was at it all of the 4th of July week and holiday, finishing up Saturday. It’s the only few days a year we have “traffic” noise by our house. The kids are thrilled when he’s done – they like to go climb up and sit on a hay bale. He leaves them for a while before he comes collecting them to haul away.

    I hope thing continue to go as smoothly as can be expected for you guys!
    Great photos!

  7. April S. says:

    Love seeing hay fields being worked – its one of the things I spent a lot of my childhood and teen years doing that I really miss. Probably funny to say that because it is super hard work – but man I had fantastic abs from it! 🙂 We did small squares because we had a lot of horses in the family and the hay was all run on my grandpa’s farm. Once he lost the farm we all have smaller properties so we handle it differently. Doesn’t make sense for us to spend the amount on equipment for just one horse, pony and goat so we made an arrangement with the cousin of a family friend. He maintains the field, plants when needed, gives me as many round bales as I need for the year and takes the rest to do what he pleases. He has cattle so last year he took one hay cut and did several short wet chop cuts to feed his cows. This year he has taken one good cut and its about ready for another but we’ve had a lot of rain too so everyone is waiting. Works good for all of us but there are a lot of things I learned by having to do hay to have my horse that my kids are missing out on – hard work does not mean the same thing… Nothing I love more than the smell of fresh cut hay though – unless its the smell of horses! 🙂

  8. Sharon says:

    This is fascinating. So different from my world of going to work in an office, sitting at a computer all day! My favorites are the shots of Molly. The one reminds me of Leo on the bow of the Titanic in the movie 🙂

  9. Teresa says:

    I hope things go well for you. We did a first cutting, and I have enough for the winter with leftovers. Hopefully, we’ll get a second and possibly a third. We desperately need rain though.

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