Trip to the Nebraska State Fair

Hello to all!  I made it back home after an awesome trip to Nebraska.  I had a wonderful visit with Mom and Dad and got to catch up with Sister, neighbors and friends.  I also met new sheep producers, and experienced the State Fair in Grand Island.
Here my trip re-cap:
J got up super early to pull bulls from pastures.  I got up with him, put my suitcase in the car, loaded Molly, and headed south.  Mom was at the Fair tending the sheep when I got home, so I helped Dad.  We checked some yearlings and looked over the replacement heifers.
Mom and I spent all day at the Fair.  We took care of the sheep, visited with sheep people, and wondered around looking at livestock, animals, and jewelry.

Mom talking sheep with Kay.

Dad and Sister joined us at the Fair!  Mom was ring man for the Open Class sheep show.  M, A (M’s college roommate), and I did chores and got the sheep ready to show.    

Mom working in the show ring.

I was in the right place at the right time and was asked to help show Dorsets.  This gentleman was stalled next to us and needed an extra showman.

Helping Lee show Dorsets.

The Southdowns showed late afternoon.  We had one aged ram and 5 ewe lambs (all in the same class!).   We were very happy with the results of our first Southdown show.   

“Buddy” the Ram. Mom and M talking; Me wondering what is going on.

It takes a big crew to show 5 sheep in one class.

Mom spent the morning in the show ring and Sister headed back to Iowa after dinner.  We ran into a family friend that is coaching a 4-H Livestock Judging Team.  His team is getting ready for the National Contest in Louisville, KY.  We put together a Southdown ewe lamb class for them to practice on!  It was fun being able to work with youth the same way producers did for Sister and I when we were on the judging team.    

Coach discussing the class.


Breakfast came with a cup of coffee and another visit before I headed north.  Mom and Dad keep trying to talk me into leaving Molly with them!  J loves the idea.  Molly and I are a close knit team and we would be lost without each other.  Who could give up such fine company?       

My travel partner.



Are attending or showing at your State Fair this year?  OR  Did you attend or show at your State Fair?

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  1. Wow what a recap! I love all the pictures of showing sheep and descriptions. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Jona says:

    How fun – I bet you loved helping show! Is it a rule that all the sheep people wear red shirts?

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