Trip to Nebraska

Last Thursday Molly and I loaded the car and headed south to see my folks.  The last time J and I made the trip was late September.  I thought I could sneak away before branding and farming started.  Molly was a good companion for the 8 1/2 hour drive.

I got home mid afternoon on Thursday.  I had to get the sheep tour and inspect Mom’s new project is a flock of South Downs!  After supper we loaded Mom’s ewes and look them over to a neighbors.

Mom leading her ewes to grass.


4-H lambs Mom has for sale.


After unloading ewes we stopped in to visit Dad’s brother.  Uncle B and his new wife.  UB just got remarried and this was the first time I got to meet my new Aunt.

Friday we did chores.

After chores Dad and I went to visit Grandma (Dad’s Mother).  When we got home from Grandma’s Mom and started getting dinner ready for the branding crew.  When I was growing up Mom and I did a lot of team cooking.  It was great to work with Mom again. 

Saturday we worked 2 groups of cows and branded the calves.  In addition to Dad, Mom and I, my cousin M (UB’s son), Neighbors T, and J came over to help.

Dad giving cow shots.

M re-tagging cows that lost tags.

Dad, M and T; just getting started branding.


J and Mom exchanging the news.


Cows lined up at the fence waiting for the return of their calf.

I like guys that smell like dirt, cows and branding smoke. My favorite is the goodies I eat off the bottom of all the shoes!


Sunday morning Molly and I headed the car back North.  My cowboy suggested I leave Molly in Nebraska, because Mom and Dad get such a big kick out of her.  Mom’s dog Riley was not real excited about the idea of his space being invaded.  Riley is calm, easy going and slow; the exact opposite of Molly.  I am sure he was glad to see the hyper “fruit bat” go home.



We bucked the wind all the way, but were thankful to have had a sunny day to drive on.  Molly slept the entire way home. 

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Patti Wilson says:

    it was really nice having you home for a couple of days. i could see you have learned a couple of things from the goddard ranch. cattle working days are a tradition i hope we can hold on to. i love you and hope the weather clears up soon. P.S. reily is a deep state of depression or he is just plain wore out. dad

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