Treasures From The Past

These are pictures from the neighbor’s ranch auction sale. The sale that was held the end of May. I haven’t been out and about taking pictures and am sharing these from a few months ago. It also gave me a good excuse to catch up on editing, backing up pictures to an external hard drive and deleting those that needed to go.

August 12

Last week I mentioned we are enjoying a slow down on the ranch. At the same time, we seem to have something to keep us busy everyday. Thursday I cleaned the chicken coop, mowed, spiffed up the house and did a few odd jobs while J cut CRP hay.

Friday J finished up cutting and I worked on another crafty project. I found two metal buckets in MN and started painting them. One of the buckets looks like the one in the above picture. In the evening we went to a potluck at a family friends’ house. This cake recipe was a hit!

August 12

Saturday J decided to cut hay corals; this turned into a bigger task than he first thought. The small pasture that we feed calves in the fall/winter is full of kochia and various other weeds. J started cutting and ended up doing more that he expected. Between that and an hours worth of mechanicing it took him most of the day. I have to admit my bucket painting took longer than I expected, but the first one’s done! I have plants started so when I get done with the second bucket I can fill them.

August 12

J is a Craig’s List person. He likes to look at the Ag and South Dakota pages to see what people have for sale. Friday afternoon he found a gal advertising 10 week old chickens that are healthy, fully vaccinated and on adult chicken feed. The ad said her address was a small town 30 miles west of us. One e-mail and a phone call later I have 10 Pearl-White Leghorn hens. In two months I should have little white pullet eggs!

August 12

The CRP hay was too thick to rake and J spent Sunday afternoon baling.

Monday we made a trip to the Big City. J had an eye appointment and ranch type errands to run. I was along for the ride and got groceries. We are now a two-cart Sam’s family. Yes, J and I required two carts yesterday. Mine was full of food and toiletries; J two sacks of dog food and a bag of cat food. Also seen in the back-end of the “station wagon” vehicle batteries and a roll of net-wrap. How did we ever go to town with the restrictions of a car trunk?

August 12

Our week is filling up fast. J has a township meeting on Wednesday and another meeting Thursday. I am helping judge visual arts at the County Fair on Thursday and have a meeting sometime later in the week.

This morning it sounds like we are going to get the loader put on the tractor so I can start pecking away at stacking hay. J keeps telling me not to get to many project started as I have a lot of hay hauling in my future.

August 12

Are you done haying or have you started hauling hay home? Do you have any crafty projects in progress?

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8 Responses to Treasures From The Past

  1. Buttons says:

    WOW you are busy people:):) this I understand:):) Love the pics and I cannot believe you are going to have eggs good buy.
    We have finished first cut and My Hero will be moving bales except for behind the barn apparently the bride to be would like them left there for the wedding photos:) Yikes that is creeping up fast.
    Too many projects you…. what is J talking about?:) Be safe. Hug B

  2. Rancher Girl says:

    Love the photos! I can think of several things I would do with that saddle and cabinet.
    Great score on the pullets!
    Flower Boy is a Craig’s List junkie too! He finds all sorts of things on the Oklahoma list.
    Have a great week!

  3. Michelle Stockert says:

    Have to tell you that these treasures made me sad to miss that sale! D and I decided that we weren’t going to go to any more because it took ALLLLLLLL winter to clean out and organize the shop and storage shed of the past auction sale stuff. It looks so nice now! However, I miss seeing these kinds of things. I would have bid on several.

    I also can relate to the projects, however, my new life may include time to do them. HA! Love what you share and even if I don’t comment, I follow all your blog posts. Would you be interested in coming and talking to the kids about writing and photography? Would it be OK to show them some of your posts as mentor texts? Just a thought! 🙂 You need another project, right?

  4. Kim says:

    I loved the little cabinet, and I liked seeing all the photos from the auction. I’m like Michelle: I don’t need to collect any more “stuff.” I need to purge! That never seems to move up on the list. I always have things I’d rather do. Take care, Robyn!

  5. Bonnie says:

    What fun! I love old stuff. Projects are what keep people young. Good luck with the chickens. My sister has become a chicken addict. I washed too many eggs as a child.

  6. Jen says:

    For down time you guys are sure are busy! Love the photos in post. Have fun at the fair, sounds like it will be a great time!

  7. You call that “down-time”!!?? You two stay so busy, I need to give you a lesson on “doing nothing”. I am a champion at that, but I think it might drive you nuts. Good luck on your “haying”. The only thing I would have to do with haying is getting a good image of a bail of hay with the sun setting in the background. Take care & hugs!!

  8. Not done haying here, but fortunately for me I don’t have to help with the haying. 🙂

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