Today is Tuesday

About a month ago I did a post with prompts from The Simple Woman’s Day Book.  I enjoyed thinking about and filling the prompts provided.  This month I am going to break the prompts into three blog posts vs. one huge post.

Jan 15

Outside My Window … Monday, we woke up to a dusting of snow.  We ended up with a high in the mid-teens, and a breeze came up afternoon.  This morning it was in the 20’s and we got afternoon flurries.  Two perfect mornings for doing chores.

I am thinking …  The week is off to a good start!  J and I have several things going on this week.  We need to make a trip to town and this weekend J is heading over to shear sheep at the neighbor’s.

I got my house spiffed up yesterday and keep pecking away at nagging tasks. 

Jan 15

I am thankful … For so many little blessings that are the “big things.”

In the kitchen … Saturday I baked up a storm.  I made Breakfast Casserole for dinner and whipped up a Mocha Cheesecake.  I also made a recipe for Thursday’s Improve Cooking Challenge.

I cook our main big meal for noon and we do our own thing at night.  I was very impressed with J’s supper on Sunday night … Bloody Mary and stove popped popcorn.

Jan 15

I am wearing …  an assortment of layers.  With these cold temps I bundle up tight.

I am creating … Everyday J and I try to do our part to create a solid marriage, sustainable business and good life together.  We have our moments, but there seems to be more steps forward than back.

Jan 15

A friend found this quote on Pinterest and posted it on her Facebook page this week:

… but the struggles make you stronger, the changes make you wiser, and happiness its own way of taking its sweet time.  Life isn’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.

A little side note:  I haven’t talked my Mom into another blog guest post … yet.  Here is her latest column Chuteside Manner (page 30-31) in CALF News Magazine.


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7 Responses to Today is Tuesday

  1. Kim says:

    I think the tree photo has a heart shape to it. Pretty! I also love the frost on the barbed wire.

  2. Karen says:

    I really enjoyed this post – the pictures are great and the prompts are interesting. I like your idea to break them up – there’s a lot of material there. It’s great the way the cattle seem to be smiling for you as you take their picture!

  3. bettyl says:

    That meme was the very first one I put on my blog 🙂 I love your cows. And the snow covered scenes are simply beautiful.

  4. Molly says:

    I love the image of the cows lined up at the fench. They look like they are all watching a movie or something together


  5. Candy C. says:

    The quote is actually lyrics from a Gary Allan song “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful.” Dang, now I’ve got the song stuck in my head! 😉
    Good idea breaking up the prompts into several posts. Oh, and I think I would have enjoyed J’s supper very much! LOL!!

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