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Here are a couple pictures of the weaned calves.  They have spooked, but have not run away.  The last couple of nights we have brought them into “jail” so they don’t get a wild hair in the night.  The collage at the end is J greasing the feed wagon.  Art is in the eye of a Ranch Wife.

I read a lot.  Not just books and blog posts, but Agriculture industry publications too. In the last few days I have come across some interesting articles:

November 19

The Ranchers Relief Fundraising efforts are closing in on $1 Million!  The Ranchers Relief Fund was set up after the Atlas Blizzard hit our area on October 4, 2013.

The South Dakota state veterinarian reported there have been 13,977 cattle verified as dead, 1,257 sheep and 287 horses.  The major cause of livestock death was stress or shock.  The extreme conditions of rain followed by harsh wind and wet snow were ideal for livestock to become hypothermic. Hypothermia caused their cardiovascular system to work in overdrive and elevate blood pressure in the lungs.  As a result the lungs of livestock filled with fluid.  Some livestock drifted into water (dams, creeks or rivers), others were trampled behind wind break shelters or buried in snow drifts.  (Stress primary cause of S.D. cattle deaths during blizzard read in The Cattle Business Weekly)

Ranchers are still working towards recovery.  People are dealing with financial issues, finding replacement livestock and disposing of carcasses.  I have heard that a few producers recently found cattle lost during the storm.

November 19

According to this month’s Angus Journal, November is the 130th anniversary of the American Angus Association.  The organization was originally known as the American-Aberdeen Angus Breeders’ Association and was established by cattlemen who assembled at Chicago’s Grand Pacific Hotel.

November 19

The Cattle Business Weekly ran an article about Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack.  He recently spoke at Nebraska’s Rural Future’s Conference held by the University of Nebraska’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Lincoln.  Secretary Vilsack made a point to share that rural America is the backbone to our country’s security.  Sixteen percent of America’s population lives in non-urban settings.  Forty percent of individuals that enlist in the military have rural roots.

On an economical scale, eighty-five percent of the poorest counties in America are predominantly rural.  The countryside population is decreasing as young people can find more jobs and higher paying employment in urban areas.

Mr. Vilsack made expressed to attendees that Rural America needs to tell the story of agriculture.  We need to tell our story, so the rest of the nation knows how important agriculture is to their everyday life.  American’s need to have an understanding about research and how it affects them, how their food is produced and what type of environment animals live in.

There are a lot of things changing in our culture and lifestyles.  It’s important for us to keep an eye on news headlines, advancements in technology and ag related research.

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13 Responses to Tidbits in the News

  1. cheri says:

    That is a lot of livestock lost. So sad.
    We only have 14 calves left here on the ranch. Well, and our keeping heifers. So glad to be rid of them! Just weaned calves are like a pinball machine! Especially the heifers. But after a day or two, the are all calm and waiting for the feed truck.

  2. Candy C. says:

    Wow, that is horrible about the amount of livestock lost to the blizzard! Most urban folks don’t have a CLUE where their food comes from and I find it very sad…

  3. LindaG says:

    The rural drain may stop with how the economy is now. Part time jobs, pay will start falling with more and more people unable to find work.

    The nation has lost touch with its roots and it’s not a good thing.

    Really sorry to hear the loss of so much livestock. Glad to hear about the recovery fund. It’s not much but hopefully it will help.

    Have a blessed week.

  4. i can well imaging that you must keep abreast of the updates in your ‘industry.’ i appreciate so much all of those of you who feed us all… thank you! love that collage of your hubby…

  5. Karen says:

    It’s amazing how things that happen in one area have such an impact on all of us, and yet we never hear about them – (or maybe it’s just me – I may be a little out of touch…) But that is a lot of livestock lost! Thank you for the updates – and as always – I love your ranch photos!

  6. tanya breese says:

    it’s so heartbreaking to think of all that livestock killed 🙁 ….those babies sure are cute!

  7. I am grateful everyday for my source of food ~ the food chain is a result of a great many people, animals,plants, seafood and on and on ~ You are a very informed woman and I thank you and bless you ~ This post saddens me yet know it is the reality of farm life and nature ~ peace to you ~ carol, xxx

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  9. bettyl says:

    The faces of these guys are just so cute! It’s good to have a hubby that does those mechanical things.

  10. Allie says:

    Such great photos! I really enjoyed this post. Blessings.


  11. Gwen says:

    Your calves look great.

  12. When you put statistics to it, the rural life seems to be quickly diminishing… I cringe every time I pass a sold piece of former ag land that is now being developed into housing.

  13. Thank you for coming by to share on Rurality Blog Hop #41!

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