Tidbits from Last Week

Last week was one full of cattle work. Tuesday we helped Cousin T and Roy move pairs home from summer grass. Wednesday J and I moved the youngest group of pairs home and Thursday we combined two pasture groups.

We had gorgeous weather to move cattle. The mornings were crisp, but the sun was shining and there wasn’t any wind.

Joules is Roy’s cow dog puppy. She is full of energy and excitement.

October 26

After moving cattle J and I finished up the current fencing project we were working on. J cleaned the calf weaning pen and we got the calving barn cleaned too. J hauled the manure and I worked on a shelf re-finishing project.

October 26

Last week Subway came out with a statement saying they are going to transition into offering antibiotic free meat on their sandwich shop menu. This made a huge social media wave and spared action in the agcvocate blogoshere. The Feed Yard Foodie, Anne Burkholder, shared her thoughts on Subway’s confusion about how livestock are raised and how meat is inspected and marketed. Also, make sure to read Anne’s follow up and response from Subway blog post.

October 26

Thursday night we got rain and it continued through Friday morning. We are so grateful for the .87″ of fall moisture.

I’ve been working on re-finishing my Grandma’s (Mom’s Mother) book shelf. It took longer to strip and sand than I anticipated, but it was worth the frustration. What do you think?

October 26

October 26

Our major project this week will be trailing pairs home from summer grass and getting ready to wean calves. Sounds like we have good chances for moisture in the next couple of days. This weekend we have lots of cattle sorting on our plate.

How is your fall cattle work going? Have you weaned and/or shipped calves yet?

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3 Responses to Tidbits from Last Week

  1. Janet Birky says:

    Robin your project is beautiful! I did plenty of refinishing jobs and it is hard. The end is seeing your accomplishment!

  2. Alica says:

    Your Grandma’s shelves look great! I love having things in my home from people I love/d. I haven’t yet tried refinishing, but yours turned out very nice!

  3. The shelf looks great! Great fall photos too.

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