Thursday Things

1.  J and I went to the Black Hills Stock Show on Monday.  We took in the Angus Sale, the trade show and J watched the stock dog trials. 

2.  I took lots of cattle pictures.  Most of which did not turn out.  Either I was off or my camera was malfunctioning.  I am betting on the first option.


3.  It’s nice to get away for the day, but it’s not easy.   Sunday evening we locked up the calves and put out their feed.  That way all J had to do was turn them out to eat in the morning.  J fed cows super early; while I tended to the chickens and cats.  I also rounded up coolers and stuff that needed to go to the Hills.  No way we were getting close to Sam’s Club and not stopping.

4.  We got home late.  Then we get to put away all the fun stuff we bought, like food and enormous packages of TP and paper towels. 

5.  Tuesday we found out when I am excessively tired and hungry my patience is zero or less.  I really tried not to be grumpy, but impatience won.  At least until I got a grilled hamburger in me. 

6.  I am now the owner of an Amazon Kindle Fire! 

7.  Learning new techy stuff does not mix well with being overly tired and hungry.

8.  Wednesday morning we learned, for the second time this week, that the calves can open the gate.  Monday morning was no big deal a few calves got out.  Well, they must have told their friends about how fun it was.  Yesterday morning a lot of calves got out and had fun running around the yard and destroying things.  The gate now has a chain and lock on it!

9.  J and a friend went back to the Stock Show yesterday to watch the Bronc Riding competition.  I will have to wait to hear about it; he got home kind of early this morning.

What kind of farm animal disasters have you had on a day you planned to be gone?  Do you have a Kindle or Kindle Fire?  Any tips?

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4 Responses to Thursday Things

  1. Linda says:

    No animals yet. No Kindle or Kindle fire, sorry.

    However, we do the same when we are out. We have a small AC/DC refrigerator we keep in the back of our truck. When we take trips that take us somewhere like a farmer’s market, or SAM’s, it’s nice to be able to put stuff in it. (It can freeze if need be, too.)

    However, when we get home late, we take care of perishable stuff and let everything else wait until after we’ve had some sleep!

    I enjoyed all of your pictures. Thanks for sharing them and telling us about your day. 🙂

  2. Candy C. says:

    Jerry has learned that he must feed me by at least lunch time or I get REALLY grumpy! LOL!!
    No Kindle here either.
    We have to loop the chain twice around the latch and secure it with a carabiner clip to make sure the animals don’t get out of their pens! 😉

    • Robyn says:

      Yesterday afternoon J said that the calves tried to get out again. They got the gate slider out, but the chain stopped them. Tricky little devils.

      Don’t we all have our little tweaks that make us who we are? Poor husbands. I am lucky to have a patient guy with distinctive behaviors I can live with. lol!

  3. Tezzie says:

    It’s so hard to imagine a life where I couldn’t take off for a day to run some errands, if I needed to. Sure makes me appreciate my ‘freedom of movement’ more, that’s for sure 😉 Your cattle is gorgeous…I’m guessing that even if Ranch life has it’s drawbacks, it most likely has some wonderful sides, too…

    Thanks so much for your kind comments at my place 🙂 Have a great rest of your weekend!

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