Thursday Happenings

We had a shower on the Prairie this morning and again this afternoon.  The Rancher likes to say “more rain more rest!”  He doesn’t tend to rest much as he got a little summer fallowing in today, checked some hay fields and spent some time in the shop.

I watered plants this morning, went to the town job and took a good walk this afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon one of J’s cousin’s family stopped for a visit.  They took a vacation through the Black Hills and stopped by the Ranch on their way home.  It’s fun to have visitors.  I made some of my favorite tried and true recipes centered around grilling.  I also took advantage of getting more than one opinion on my Improve Cooking Challenge recipe.  Entertaining is also a good excuse to do a little better job cleaning the house and spiffing up the yard.

I mentioned that Fritz had fun digging in my container garden while we were in Nebraska.  I have just let the damage sit as I am not sure what to do.  The good news is I have several pumpkin plants coming!  3 of my 4 tomato plants that are doing good, and I think the peppers will survive.  Waiting to see on the spinach; it might be a lost cause.  J put some hog panels over the top of the containers, so little paws can’t reach my plants.

Sounds like J has one last branding to help at this weekend.  I hope to be in the kitchen!

What are you up to this week/weekend?

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15 Responses to Thursday Happenings

  1. Lisa Sall says:

    You can send a little of that rain our way, things are starting to get dry in our parts! When company comes here everything gets a good cleaning! I bet everyone went home well fed, with some good memories! My weekend will be busy with cleaning, weeding, and watering! Hope it rains!

    • Robyn says:

      Lisa, it is fun to cook for a crowd! J checked some hay fields today and said the alfalfa weevils and grasshoppers are moving in. We have talked to several neighbors that say the same.

      I do hope you get some rain and have a great weekend.

  2. janetwilsonbirky says:

    Bill said send us some rain!! I laughed when you said ” Let the damage sit didn’t know what to do.” good idea.

    • Robyn says:

      I was told spinach is a cool season crop. If it turns hot and windy I might be out of luck anyway. So, I am watering and watching. There are a few sprigs of green. I am excited that my pumpkins are growing.

      We need more rain. Every little bit helps.

  3. Buttons says:

    Hello Robyn I think we are giving our calves Black leg shots then going to an auction the last part sounds like more fun to me. I do hope the calves co-operate so we will be done quickly. No hay yet it keeps raining. Have a great weekend yours sounds like fun. B

  4. Hanne Bente says:

    Beautiful images / nice post. Interesting to follow what’s happening so far away from me (Denmark) Wishing you a good day. Hanne Bente /

  5. Lovely mosaics, Robyn. Nice to see what’s bloomin’ in your area right now.

    Hope your visitors enjoy their stay at the farm. xoxo

  6. Really like your dandelion photos! Sounds like a fun weekend in store! 🙂

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks Elizabeth and Nancy. The dadnelion was one of those HUGE ones in the road ditch. I made my Mom stop the pickup so I could get the shot. It was fun to edit too.

  7. Please send the rain this away! We are still pretty parched from last year’s drought.

  8. J says:

    Like your pictures and edits. You should have a section Grill goodies. Bet you could come up w/ some really neat recipes.

  9. Candy C. says:

    I like your dandelion collage too! Glad some of your plants survived little paws! 🙂

  10. You sound SO busy Robyn… sounds like your garden is coming along… I’ve been sick since before spring break (4.1) so my garden is still sitting fallow.. I’ll but several gallon tomato plants this weekend and get’em in the ground or we won’t even have any this summer and that’s not acceptable to me…

  11. Teresa says:

    Beautiful pictures. It sounds like you’ve been very busy. I don’t think I’m even going to get a garden in this year because I’m too busy trying to get kids here safely.

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