Three Shirts Later

This week I have felt unbalanced.  I am not sure why.  I haven’t felt motivated or creative either.  Maybe lack of sleep and no Sunday nap is to blame.  I can say, and J will vouch for me, I have not been crabby!

Thursday morning J got up earlier than usual because he went to the big city with his Dad for supplies.  I ended up getting out of bed a little early too.  I just know you are wondering “What did R do with her extra 10-15 minutes”. I got dressed like normal.  After looking at my shirt I didn’t think it was appropriate for work and changed it.  I almost NEVER change clothes after I get dressed for work. 

I finished getting ready then sat down to check my e-mail and post my Thankful Thursday blog post.  J and I were talking and I spilled my coffee concoction (cappuccino) all over my lap.  Yes, my mug has a lid on it and it was secure.  Again, I almost NEVER spill; as long as I am not in a moving vehicle.  UHG! 

So, back to the closet for a pair of pants.  I saw that I got a drop of coffee on my shirt, no big deal to me.  Well, I had on a white polo shirt.  I thought I better get some Spray N Wash on the spot and changed my shirt again.  To be honest I NEVER wear solid white shirts.  The last time I did I was either on the Livestock Judging team or showing cattle at the County Fair.  A white shirt was required dress code at the County Fair. 


The good news is no sticky liquid got on my keyboard!   I got two loads of pants washed and vacuumed all before 7:10 am.  J sprayed for bugs the other day and it was time to suck up all the dead crickets in the basement.  I also vacuumed the kitchen and bathroom.  Booth rooms are linoleum, but I find that vacuuming linoleum is easier than a broom and dustpan.   

I will say that amongst my feelings of unbalance I have been flexible.   I tend to be a creature of routine and this week I have happily embraced variety!  Wednesday J and I went to a retirement supper in town.  I came home from work for a few hours and went back into town with J.  Two trips to town in one day is not my cup of tea.  But, who am I to turn down time with J and a steak supper?  We had a nice evening.

Thursday J’s Mom spontaneously hosted the CFEL Club Picnic.  Oh what to take to a potluck on short notice.  Upon looking into a somewhat empty refrigerator …. my cowboy suggested I toss together a fresh fruit salad.  Thank you Hubby for helping me keep it simple!

Tonight we are on the road again.  We are going over to a neighbor’s place to help a 4-Her with her steer project. 

In conclusion, I have not had a bad week.  I just have not felt like my energetic self.  I am sure I will kick it up this weekend.  They say a body in motion stays in motion and on the weekends I tend to buzz around like a busy bee!  I think a nap sounds good too.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Good Luck to those exhibiting at the Buffalo County Fair!  (The County Fair I grew up showing at.)

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