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Monday morning was foggy and the day cloudy.  It looked like it could rain at any moment all day.  J and T got in the field mid morning and farmed all day.  It started raining in the night.  By mid morning on Tuesday we had 60 hundredths in the rain gauge, sunshine and wind.

Monday afternoon I hosted the May meeting of our CFEL Club with six in attendance.  Roll call was to share some information on our favorite flower.  Talk about a conversation starter!  We discovered there are a lot of factors that that involve favorite flowers.  Happy memories of loved ones, beauty and what we have successfully grown all contribute to individual preferences.

We had a long and in depth conversation about remaining a CFEL Club or disbanding.  This is a decision we have been talking about and putting off for a while.  It is difficult for the few remaining active Club members to continue with the responsibilities that used to be spread over 10 or 12 ladies.  There are fewer and fewer young people in our rural communities.  The majority of ladies my age have off the farm jobs and/or young children at home.  The older generation of ladies are into their 80’s and some of our members are dealing with health issues.  The dynamics of our community, like most rural areas, are changing fast. 

Investing in relationships with family and neighbors is one of our greatest assets.  Our Club ladies share long trusting friendships, fellowship and tradition.  In the same breath, it is hard to make time for social gatherings when there is so much work (on and off the ranch) that is demanding our time.  Calving season, farming, working cattle and trailing cattle to grass currently make for many early mornings, late nights and tired ranchers.  We do the best we can to maintain relationships between the busier activities of ranch life.  Time constraints are a fact of life that pulls at our hearts.  Sometimes, we stop and drink a cup of coffee anyway, because the work will still be there after our visit.        

When I got to work yesterday morning I learned about the death of a man in our area.  He was in his early 50’s, active in the community, and well liked.  This individual ranched with his wife and has 3 grown kids.  He recently took a job in the North Dakota oil fields and died on the job site.  My sympathy and prayers go out to his family, friends and neighbors.    

Events like these make me think about the priorities in my life.  They also help me to appreciate the many blessings I have.

Cross made by the Hazard, NE Lutheran Church members for Easter service.

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  1. Wynn says:

    It’s too bad you can’t have more ladies involved and I’m sure there would be if it wasn’t for the work issue. I know my mother has enjoyed being a part of it her whole life along with many others. I remember when I was young, going with her and getting to play with my friends while they had their meetings and then there was always great lunch and desserts afterwards. It definitely takes time and commitment and I commend you for all the energy you put into it. Some times we just need to make time to enjoy life! Work will always be there to do, that minute that just passed is gone and we don’t get a chance to relive it.

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