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I hope all of you are having a good Memorial Day weekend. I want to start off by saying Thank You to ALL the men and women in our military for your service and courage.  Thank You for protecting our freedom!  May we remember the fallen troops that have fought to protect our great country.

May 30

J and I enjoyed a slower paced week and still kept busy. Last Sunday J went to the Hills and ended up picking out garden plants for me. Monday I planted cabbage, cucumbers, dill, onions, pole beans, tomatoes and zucchini. My salad lettuce and radishes are thriving. The romaine lettuce and carrots are coming along.

I spent a good portion of Monday mowing.

Up and moving cattle at daybreak is how we started off Tuesday. We trailed a group of Cousin T’s pairs to summer grass. When we got home J and I branded the next 10 babies.

May 30

Wednesday morning J and I moved our pairs to a different paddock. On the way back home I saw something in the distance and thought I had missed a calf. When I got closer I found a snapping turtle.  J was quicker at getting a picture of him than I was.

Later that afternoon we picked up salt/ mineral boxes and moved them to the paddock the cows are in. J noticed an antelope jump up and run. Upon closer investigation we found a set of new-born twins. One baby jumped up and ran the second is photographed below. We think they were born sometime on Wednesday.

May 30

Friday J went to check cattle at our south land. He found half the cows in the wrong pasture (there are two pastures on the south place). They plowed over a corner and broke the gate.

So, when J got home we loaded up fencing supplies. J has been talking about building new corners and refencing a few stretches of fence this summer. The cows going through he corner accelerated J’s fencing plans. We spent Friday afternoon building two corners and a gate. Saturday we put in a full day rebuilding 3/4 mile of fence. Thankfully the corners were solid and J didn’t thing we needed to replace them.

To top off our productive day we got .40″ of rain!

May 30

Sweet Pea’s kittens are doing well. They are playful, climbing, eating solid food and recognize my voice. One morning while petting these guys, the kittens born in the calving barn appeared. The steel gray Mother moved them to the square bales we stacked in the horse barn. They are still wild, but I know where they are.

May 30

In between outside tasks I’ve made time to work on Consider Birds. Below in my Lesson 1 project. I’m having a love/hate relationship with this piece.
1. I didn’t get along too well with the black gesso.

2. I struggled with the texture on the left hand side. My second attempt wasn’t much better than the first. It looks more sloppy to me than artfully messy.

3. There are several other little smudges that I see and don’t like.

4. Jodi advised me to rub in some raw umber on the textured blue paint. I tried and it didn’t work. So, I covered it up with feathers. Tasteful or gaudy, I don’t know. J thinks it looks dorky and it’s growing on me. I have it sitting on the tv stand in the living room; I think it looks ok from a distance.

I’m glad for the exposure to black gesso, birch wood and the thicker texture technique . I shall try again.

May 30

Lesson 2 was a collage featuring Finches. First, I must back up and share that I got two bird feeders the end of April, one for finches (filled with thistle seed) and one for birds (filled with general bird seed). In the last week I have been watching the finches outside my kitchen window. The American Goldfinch is so fun to see and watch. I also have lots of little brown birds that I think are finches also.

I worked on this collage on Thursday while J took a load of cull cows to town.

May 30

I hope all of you have a great week! Can you believe it’s almost June?

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9 Responses to Things I Saw Last Week

  1. Alica says:

    What a find…newborn twins! Will the mom stay nearby, do you think? Sounds like your cows are like cows anywhere…find a weak spot in a fence and head for freedom…hope it didn’t mess up your day too much! Love the sweet kitties!

    • Robyn says:

      I’m willing to bet that the mother antelope went right back to her baby. He was hunkered down and she knew where it was.

      J was wanting to rebuild that corner anyway, it just got moved to an urgent priority. We did get lucky as J had two more corners in that pasture on his rebuild list. We pulled the post back straight on one and the second was solid. So, we left them alone.

      I love going into the barn and having the kittens recognize my voice and start talking to me.

  2. Lavina Goddard says:

    Great idea for your collage. I love my birds also. I have a red head and red breast that is a house finch. My yellow ones seem to have left. I still have the finch socks but I just see the red ones and they seem to like my sunflower feeder. Oh well I get all kinds. They eat more than I do.
    They are God’s creatures so I feed them. Great blog. Love you and your blog.

  3. CountryMum says:

    You found a snapping turtle! Wow!! I must say not the prettiest of things but a great find and photo. The kittens and baby calf are so much sweeter!

  4. deanna says:

    You and J certainly keep a tight and busy schedule. That snapping turtle looks like he has been around awhile and those kittens are adorable. I have gold finches here too. Such beautiful birds!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Love seeing all the things you’re seeing! Eyes (and heart) wide open is the best way to live. Enjoy your precious moments, Robyn!

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks for stopping in and leaving comments! It’s fun to share the unique things I get to see on the ranch.
      I hope you find Poldark! I need to start looking for the PBS version too.

  6. I love babies! I have some chicks that two of my chickens hatched! they’re still fuzzy and adorable.

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