Things I Have Never Done

Two weeks ago the Pioneer Woman did a post about Things I’ve Never Done.  Another gal I follow, and the host of Hunk of Meat Monday’s, did a similar post.  I thought it sounded like fun.

I am over half way through my 30th year and I have never:

1.  Traveled outside the United States

2.  Eaten oysters on the half shell

3.  Dyed my hair a totally different color

4.  Attended a Professional Football Game

Hubby is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Picture Source

5.  Had Pneumonia

6.  Seen the west side of the Rocky Mountains

7.  Eaten sushi or caviar

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8.  Lived in a City (population over 20,000)

9.  Attended a Homecoming Dance

10.  Seen the ocean

11.  Shown cattle at Kansas City, Louisville, or Denver

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12.  Been called for Jury Duty

13.  Traveled to Washington D.C.

14.  Been able to stand on my head

15.  Broken a bone

16.  Watched a movie at a Drive-Inn

17.  Toured a cranberry bog

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18.   Eaten fish fresh from the ocean

19.  Visited the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory

20.  Applied for a wild game hunting license

What is something you have never done?


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11 Responses to Things I Have Never Done

  1. Okay Robyn you have totally inspired me. Let’s get some of these things crossed off your list together! I’ll get one of these lists done soon. Cranberry bog and traveling across an ocean for me on the list.

  2. Love this list, but I think you have the start of a great bucket list too. Ocean, cattle shows, Hershey’s, western Rocky Mountains. When you road trip, I want to go with you! I think you can do without broken bones and hair dye though:)

  3. Candy C. says:

    Well, I have done 12 out of your 20 but I’m much, much older than you! 😉 You really should travel west of the Rockies and enjoy some fish fresh from the ocean!

  4. Jan says:

    Sounds like your “bucket list” is full!
    I have never: gone over seas; been to a professional foot ball game; didn’t grow up on a farm;
    eaten sushi (and really don’t want to).

  5. Amy Kirk says:

    I’ve never had a broken bone or been overseas either. Seeing the ocean has been a highlight in my life and I’m sure it will be for you too.

  6. Leanne says:

    oh! Now you have me thinking! Although, my list of interesting things that I HAVE done will be much easier to write. I live in San Diego, used to live in Denver and went camping in NE once and our campsite was sideswiped by a tornado!

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