The Week Thus Far

How is your week going?

As usual, it’s been crazy around here. Good thing I write things down or we would forget something or not be somewhere. Good thing J is good at prioritizing what needs to get done and communicating what he wants me to do. Then I write it all down before heading out the door.

Here’s what our has looked like:

Monday: Our friend and neighbor Wade was here to combine the few acres of beardless winter wheat we didn’t hay. J and I scrambled around in the morning getting set up. Wade and his Wife joined us for dinner and the guys went to work afterwards. While they were combining I headed to the creek bottoms to gather hay.

September 11

Tuesday: Major weather change with cool temperatures and moisture in the atmosphere.

I made a trip to North Dakota boarder town for a couple of appointments. I also took the opportunity to meet Jennifer from the Montana Ranch Girl blog. She lives not too far north of me and is the Editor of a local newspaper.

Wednesday: More hay hauling in the morning. We have a little more than half the hay hauled in. After dinner we moved pairs and J, Cousin T and Roy set up to precondition calves. It rained most of the afternoon and was 38*.

A few months ago, I volunteered to be a religious education teacher. I am teaching 3rd and 4th grades and have five students. Yesterday was our first class and it went really good!

September 11

I’m getting more tomatoes than I can eat. One of my pepper plants is doing well and the other two petered out on me, so did the cucumbers. My zucchini plants have been producing all summer and are starting to get used up. I’m not ready to give up on my tomato and pepper plants so I covered them in hopes to save them from frost. Yes, frost and possibly snow tonight.

We have plans to work calves on Friday and Saturday. Today I am cooking. Sounds like the weather will be rather crisp this weekend; soup is on the menu.

How did your garden turn out this summer? Have you preconditioned calves yet?


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7 Responses to The Week Thus Far

  1. One set of calves is done; the other we hope to do next week. 🙂 I will finish (hopefully) gathering bulls tomorrow.

  2. Darcy says:

    Our calves were preconditioned in August, and we start weaning next week. Fall cows also just started calving – there’s three on the ground as of last night. I heard there was snow forecasted – it’s a bit early, but sounds like you all are prepared. Good luck with your cattle work this weekend!

  3. Sarah C says:

    Okay, so I don’t have calves, but my garden rocked this year and I’m glad to have lots preserved. Can’t wait to do more next year. Hope your plants make it. Frost! Can’t imagine!

  4. Cheri says:

    Been busy this week too!
    Getting 4 water tanks ready for concrete.
    Got our replacement heifers picked out. Nice group of little girls considering we’ve had an awful grass season. No rain!
    Next week a 75th birthday party at the house for Cameron’s dad.
    Then bangs the feeder heifers and get them on the market!
    Then vaccinate all the steers. They’re outta here mid October. Then the replacement heifers.
    We headed outta here today at 7am to ride! I was dressed for a cold winter day in summer! It was cold and windy! But turned out to be a gorgeous day!

  5. Kim says:

    We are still getting a few tomatoes, but we are nearing the end, I fear. For some reason, our zucchini didn’t take off this year. With more rain, you’d have thought the garden would have fared better. It was probably “operator error,” if truth is told. We visited the Kansas State Fair yesterday with Master Farmer/Homemaker activities. It was chilly at the grandstand show with a north wind, and I was glad I had gloves in my pocket. But I’d rather be a little chilly instead of sweltering hot. We don’t pull pair off summer pastures for another few weeks. Have a great weekend, Robyn!

  6. Linda W says:

    Nice looking zucchini and cukes! Hope your tomatoes survived the snow and cold weather I heard you got on Friday. I was in the Black Hills two weeks ago visiting my family and had a great time.

    • Robyn says:

      Glad to hear you enjoyed vising your family and taking in South Dakota!
      We were lucky on the prairie, no snow. We did have freezing temps two nights in a row. My tomatoes and one pepper plant survived. The zucchini and buttercup squash didn’t fair to good.

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