The Ole Dog is Snoring

Thursday we had a break from harsh weather.  It was a beautiful fall type day.  J and I hauled out the piles of tree branches I picked up after the storm.  J checked cattle again and I caught up on odds and ends.  In the evening we went out and brought the pairs and replacement heifers back to the building site to prepare for the rain.

October 15

The rain came as predicted.  Friday was a miserable day to be out and about.  It was rainy and rather windy.  We made a trip to North Dakota border town for an appointment and much needed groceries.  We feel lucky that there was .90″ of rain in the gauge and not the 1.50″ or more the weatherman was predicting. Between the melting snow and rain we are now dealing with flooding issues.

The weather was good for the weekend!  Saturday we moved cattle back to grass and went for a drive.  Almost all the dams are running over, there was no snow damage to the tank floats and we have a lot of fence to mend.  J got caught up on some shop work and I did a little baking.

October 15

Sunday I spent most of the day doing skirt work.  With no electricity the laundry piled up with lots of towels and rugs needing washed.  J did more odd ball shop stuff.  We were surprised with dinner guests, Cousin T, Janelle and Roy!

To prepare for Monday’s rain J helped me pick green tomatoes and uproot my plants. I have 3 flats of tomatoes in the basement.  Last August, we discovered we had wild acorn squash growing next to the cattle lot.  We went out and picked squash too. A few look edible and I will use some as decor.

October 15

Monday greeted us with the pitter patter of rain drops.  J caught up on office work and I stayed busy with more odd jobs.  How do those “rainy day things” pile up?  I’m not sure if Cousin T likes our company or the cooking; he joined us for pork chops and stuffing at noon.  I went to gather eggs at 3:30 and the rain gauge had a little over an inch of rain.  It was sleeting and trying to snow when we went to bed.  This morning we have a fresh cover of snow.

October 15

There has been a great outreach of support for the Ranchers that have been affected by the Atlas Blizzard.  There have been an outpouring of blog posts, news articles aPreview postnd the blizzard is now getting national attention.

A Rancher Relief Fund has been set up and is being managed by the Black Hills Area Community Fund (BHACF).  Checks can be made to out to Rancher Relief Fund and mailed to Black Hills Area Community Fund P.O. Box 231, Rapid City 57709.  There is a limited edition “I Survived Blizzard Atlas ’13” clothing available with all proceeds going to Ranchers Relief and Aid.

For more information and relief updates check out the Rancher Relief Fund Facebook pageAtlas Blizzard Ranch Relief and Aid Facebook page and the SDSU Extension pages.

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14 Responses to The Ole Dog is Snoring

  1. Darcy says:

    I love the first picture in this post – such great composition! It sounds like you got a lot of odds & ends done, and that it always a good feeling. Hopefully the flooding subsides, and you receive the amount of moisture you need without the problems that flooding can bring.

  2. abrianna says:

    I like that third photo. Was sad to hear about the blizzard-not only for all the ranchers and farmers, but the rest of us will fell the pain too in higher prices and shortage of goods.

  3. The rainy day things have sure built up here, we’re amidst a rainy stretch, and while it’s chilly, it’s good to be forced to catch up on the paper stacks & indoor work needed doing!

    Gosh, though – sometimes when it rains, it pours – and your area sure is getting that affect this fall!

  4. Stephanie says:

    That’s some wicked weather you folks have had. Hope the flood threat subsides.

  5. Sharon says:

    That snow — so early in the season! I knew you had a big snowfall, but seeing your photos is still amazing. Hope your tomatoes survive the move!

  6. Oh my word, I must be out of the loop as I had no idea you’ve gone through a Blizzard. – I can’t even begin to imagine what you all have gone through. Guess a little rain here is nothing compared to your situation. It’s been cool lately but little rain and only a small amount of snow in higher elevations. Your photos were fabulous. The 1st one and the last one of the cows were my favorites.

  7. tanya breese says:

    so sad about all that was lost in that storm…i enjoyed your photos very much 🙂

  8. Buttons says:

    Wow I went to your blog post link and I could not believe the comments and the well thought out honest answers it was a great read. This is a heartbreaking time for many and it makes me so sad. Love your photos and am glad you are OK. Hug B

  9. Kelly Kardos says:

    I just love looking at your photos. My heart ached for the ranchers who lost so much. Being an animal lover-it was just the most horrible thing to read about.

    • Robyn says:

      Glad you enjoy my photos, Kelly!
      Blizzard Atlas is a heartbreaking deal. The story of this record breaking storm will be told for generations. We are so lucky that we had minimal livestock loss.

  10. I do hope the weather you’ve experienced thus far is not an indication of things to come for the rest of us this winter! It is amazing how work piles up without the benefit of electricity.

  11. It is good to see how communities pull together in a disaster…hope this is the only blizzard for this year! My Rurality:

  12. Gad, you work so ‘hard for a living’ ~ sending lots of healing hugs to all ~ beautiful photography and fascinating post ~ thanks, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Gorgeous country with the wispy blue clouds … I looked at a map and from Prairie City to ND is a heck of a drive, one way even… thanks for giving the link to the organization taking donations. I’m so glad you came by to share on Rurality Blog Hop #36!

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