The National Western Stock Show

I did a quick blog post on Tuesday to share that J and I went to Denver for an extended weekend.

J and I have been wanting to go to the National Western Stock Show for a few years and this was the year it worked out. J had been to Denver once before, when he was in college. While growing up, my family made regular trips to the Stock Show.

January 22

Here is how we spent our trip:

Wednesday evening: J and I decided to get a jump start on the 10 hour drive to Denver and left for Motorcycle City after super.

Thursday: We started the day getting an oil change for the station wagon and than headed to the mountains. We arrived at J’s Cousins’ house by mid-afternoon.

January 22

Friday: J and I were up early and to the Stock Show before 8 am. We watched part of the Hereford Carload and Pen of 3 Show and walked through part of The Yards. We also took in some of the Angus female show and checked out the trade show.

That evening we met up with a college friend of Josh and J’s for supper at Buffalo Wild Wings.

January 22

Saturday: We did more looking around the yards and watched the Angus Pen of 3 show. J’s Cousin got tickets for the Saturday afternoon Rodeo performance. It was the first time I had attended a Rodeo in Denver. Jerry Wayne Olson and his palomino horse, Justin Boots, was the Rodeo highlight for me.

January 22

Sunday: J, Josh and I went back to the Stock Show to make sure we saw everything we wanted to see. In the afternoon we hung out with Josh’s family, watched football and relaxed.

Monday: J and I were up early with the intentions of beating rush hour traffic and getting home before dark. We didn’t hit rush hour, but were delayed over an hour due to a car accident on the interstate. The rest of the drive was good. We stopped for groceries in the Big City and got home as the sun was disappearing.

January 22

J and I enjoyed getting off the ranch for a few days. It’s always good to visit family, see great livestock and talk to beef breeders making a difference.

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4 Responses to The National Western Stock Show

  1. Buttons says:

    Oh Robyn this sounds like so much fun. It is very important to get off the ranch once in a while and realize that relationships and having fun together are a huge part of the ranch life or it should be. There is more than work. Great shots. Hug B

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. When I was on my collegiate livestock judging teams I always loved judging in Denver and seeing all of the carloads. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kerrie K says:

    So jealous. We have North Easterners that attend. Some day I say some day…

  4. I hope you’ll scratch my first comment, Robyn.. I tried to stop it when I noticed the wrong email, my brother in laws I believe, was entered. 🙂 Copying and pasting my original comment:
    Nice to catch up with you, Robyn!
    We don’t do many weekends away from home, but I’m kind of itching for a change of scenery – sounds fun!
    We did visit family this past Saturday for our final extended family get together, which was hosted at my aunt and uncle’s farm. So we did a little “rodeo-ing” and live stalk observing on a much (much!) smaller scale. 🙂
    Beau had a blast riding one of their horses, I got some good pictures and will post soon. Farm, family, and hayrides made for a good time.
    We are enjoying a winter warm up today, nice to see the sun! Hope you are well!

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