The Great American Hamburger

Yesterday was my Cowboy’s birthday!

J and I on the 4th of July …. headed out to the hay field.

Last week I mentioned to J that I had no idea what to get him for a gift.  I usually try to pick up on things he says like “It would be nice to have …” or “I could use …”.  I have not been hearing much lately, so I just asked.

This was the reply I got “Nothing, don’t worry about it.  The best gift would be to not spend any money.”

So, I tried a different approach.  I told J I wanted to do something special to celebrate his birthday.  Saturday night we had friends over, grilled some burgers, and drank a few beers.  It was a lot of fun!

Sometimes, there are few things better than a grilled hamburger made from home raised beef.  To be honest I get cravings for them.

Hamburger patties for a crowd.


I decided to keep the seasonings simple.  I like Worcestershire sauce, so I sprinkled the burgers.  I also shook some Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and Black Pepper over the burgers.

Seasoned burgers ready to grill.

Grilled burgers ready to eat.

We topped our burgers with lettuce, tomato, and onions.  Also in attendance were macaroni salad, watermelon, carrots, baked beans, chips with salsa, and a chipped beef cheese ball.  To top it all off … Better Than *** Cake.

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a relaxing and fun evening with great friends and good food!

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