The Good, The Busy, The Fun

I hope all of you had a blessed Easter weekend.

The great gift of Easter is hope – Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in His goodness and love, which nothing can shake. ~Basil Hume

Tuesday morning J’s favorite heifers calved, the last one! After seeing this pretty white face we knew why she held on so long. Apparently 5-27 had a midnight date with the neighbor’s Hereford bull after we pulled our bulls. It was a fun surprise!

We did a little cattle moving this week. We got our first summer pasture group filled and moved the pregnant cows to the “bull pasture.” Moving the cows puts them closer to the pasture we take pairs to to fill the second summer pasture group.

It’s kind of musical pastures this time of year. When the cows need to go to the bull pasture the bulls get moved “over west.” When we start to see the neighbor’s pairs, we move the bulls south to a different pasture. We try to keep the bulls as isolated as possible this time of year because we don’t want a surprise in January.

The cows have been dropping babies very consistently. We’ve been having good daily runs that keep us busy tagging, moving pairs and dealing with normal calving issues. We are over half done calving cows!

J and I both made it past the mailbox on Thursday. I was asked to be on the nominating committee for the local rural electric company. It was a short meeting and nice visit. J had an FSA meeting.

J’s Sister’s family came to the ranch for the holiday weekend. Saturday we colored eggs and the kids had an egg hunt Sunday morning. J’s Mom made Easter dinner. It’s pretty lively with young kids around. They love to ride with Uncle J in the tractor and with Papa or Mima on the 4-wheeler. We enjoyed their visit.

Sounds like we have a chance for rain this week. The last few days it’s been windy and brisk. The morning 4-wheeler ride can be chilly, but that comes with the northern territory. I’m not sure what kind of extra projects J has in mind; I’m hoping the cows keep calving along like they have been.

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2 Responses to The Good, The Busy, The Fun

  1. Pamela Galindo says:

    Hi Robyn……that little white-faced calf is truly the most precious thing I’ve seen!!! We had a nice rain and even hail come through our valley a few days ago and we even had loud thunder, which seems rare in these parts. We hope to get rain again tomorrow (Tuesday). I have two doves nesting in the rafters of our patio again. Seems the babies get a few flying lessons and then a new dove family takes up residence. I thought there was a dead tree out front, but it finally has blossomed-out and looks beautiful. So far, it’s been a nice spring.

    • Robyn says:

      It always amazes me how optimistic nature is. A little rain and sunshine and the prairie greens up, the lawn grows and buds appear. Glad to hear you got rain and hope you get more.

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