The Country Christmas Connection

The last few years I’ve participated in the Christmas in the Country agriculture blogger exchange. Founders, Laurie of Country Linked and Jamie of This Uncharted Rhoade, stepped away from organizing the event this year. Darleen of Guernsey Dairy Mama and Jenny of The Magic Farmhouse took over and renamed the exchange The Country Christmas Connection.

This activity is a fun way to meet new ag bloggers and make connections across the miles. I sent my gift to Jess in Ohio! Her blog is called Cultivated with Love.

I received a package from Almond Girl Jenny in California. She sent me this cute “Rise and Shine” sign. It hangs in my kitchen and fits me to a T. Jenny also sent a mug. “I am grateful for…” is written on the inside edge. There are so many people, experiences and blessings that I am grateful for. One of them is sitting down to enjoy good cuppa joe!

Jenny is from the southern Central Valley of California. She farms with her Husband and his family. One of their primary crops is Almonds! Jenny sent me almond snack packs. They are perfect for sticking in my pocket to take with me during chores. The roasted almonds with sea salt are even tasty atop Pumpkin Bread.

Almond Girl made me laugh with the card she sent me. Jenny stated that she took a tour of my blog and came to a conclusion. She stated that South Dakota is kinda like a foreign country compared to southern California. I chuckle because I think there is a lot of truth to that!

Last Monday we got more snow; 3-4″ of light fluffy white stuff. We had high temperatures in the low single digits until Friday when it hit 10*. When we went out to chore on Saturday morning it was -8* with no wind. The sun was shining and it didn’t feel too bad out. We did chores really early on Sunday; it was above zero and calm. By the time we left for Church the wind had come up and snow was blowing and sifting.

The weatherman is telling us that this week is going to be another arctic one. He shows temperature predictions being above zero, maybe 10*+ for a couple days and more negative temperature highs towards the middle of the week. Maybe the it will be breezy and will not sift much snow.

I am thankful for the snow. After the dry year we had in 2016, we need all the moisture we can get. In this area we really do need snow. It seems when we get snow we also receive more spring moisture. Snow melt fills stock dams, it nourishes the prairie, hay fields and farm ground.

At the same time, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to have temperatures in the upper teens or 20’s. That is still wintry, but not extreme. Just a thought.

Since Rosie got her picture on the blog last week, I thought Molly should have a picture too. Unfortunately Molly had a rough couple of days last week. My little Boston Terrier has a habit of digging in the house plants.Wednesday she did a little more than dig. She made a big mess in the living room and destroyed the plant. Molly’s luck ran short as J found the mess and banished her to the entryway. After chores on Friday I let her back in. J was not ready for her to be in the livingroom, but Rosie was!

I hope you have a great week and stay warm. Unless you are from California, then you are probably enjoying what we would call autumn like temperatures. It’s kinda like another country over there.

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5 Responses to The Country Christmas Connection

  1. Alica says:

    I have to laugh…I think I agree with Jenny on the “other country” theory! I don’t know how you can stand the frigid cold temps. We’ve been in the single digits and teens this weekend, and we think we’re gonna die! I guess I’m a cold weather wimp. 🙂 I like the goodies she sent you…I didn’t participate this year, but maybe next year I’ll do it again. Stay warm!!

  2. Kim says:

    The sign looks like you. Like Alica, I didn’t participate this year. It’s supposed to be warmer through Wednesday and then we may get a winter storm after that. We are supposed to go to Kansas City for Randy’s Kanza Co-op board retreat, so we’ll see how the weather impacts those events. Have a good week, Robyn!

  3. Pamela Galindo says:

    Central California has finally received a great deal of rain, and each drop is a blessing following years of drought. Our daily temps are up and down ….first, we had 30’s and 40’s but now the rain comes in warm with temps in the high 60’s which is melting snow quickly in the Sierra-Nevada mountains. Outlying towns have had flash-flood warnings; I just think our earth is so dry that the water isn’t being absorbed. Still, we’ll happily take the rain. HAPPY NEW YEAR

    • Robyn says:

      I’m glad to hear you are getting some much needed moisture, Pam. Hopefully it will nourish the ground and not cause too much destruction.

  4. Darleen says:

    Happy New Year Robyn! I am so glad you joined up again this year!
    I have to agree with Jenny that your real winter is a totally foreign concept to my Northwest self! Our coldest so far this winter was 15, and that felt cold!
    Love that cup, a great reminder to start the morning!
    Hope you enjoy your new connection!

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