The ABC’s of Me

A- Animal Science Major from SDSU … Go Jacks!

B- Beef … We raise it, we eat it, we love it.

C- Chocolate and Coffee – I LOVE them almost as much as J and Molly.

D- Determined

E- Equilibrium – working towards it in everyday life.

F- Family – The ones who know us the best and most likely to stick with us.

Sister and Brother-In-Law, J and I, Mom and Dad

G- God – All things are possible with God as your guidance. 

H- Hopeful

I- Intuitive and Independent

J- Journal/Journaling  – I keep several.

K- Kitchen – I love to bake and cook.

L- Life Long Learning – I am a true believer.

M- Molly – My Boston Terrier a/k/a Pretty Girl

I am a Pretty Girl

N- Nebraskan – Born, raised and at heart.

O- Organized – I am a chronic list maker and hate clutter.  

P- Purple – My favorite color.

Q- Quick – Usually to stumble over my feet or tongue

R- Reading – I am an avid reader of books, magazines and ag papers.  

S- Sister – I have one, she is my only sibling and my best friend.

T- Thoughtful

U- Unique Character

V- Very Grateful for the people in my life and how they have influenced me.

W- Walker – I love to walk.  It is great stress relief and makes me feel good.

eXploring and reflecting on the small important everyday of living life.

Y- Young

Z- Zealous   

State Fair 2009

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8 Responses to The ABC’s of Me

  1. Paulette says:

    Will be interesting to read of your adventures this spring. Our rental cows left Thursday so didn’t have to go out into the snow this morning 🙂 Happy we don’t have to travel this snow tomorrow. Be safe

  2. Geraldine Storm says:

    You made a cold, dreary day much brighter!! I really enjoyed looking around your blog. Keep up the good work, am looking forward to following you in the future.

  3. Jan says:

    Robyn, You have put together a wonderful blog, with lots of thought and time put into it. Look forward to reading this in the future.

  4. Marcie says:

    Good for you Robyn – thanks for sharing!

  5. Robyn says:

    Thank You for your support on my new adventure!

  6. Barb (Ripp) Brayton says:

    You are very creative. Love the ABC’s. Always enjoy you comments on facebook. Makes me think that I still see you girls. Have a great day. Barb

  7. Robyn-

    I love this post! It is so clever, and made me smile.

    Great blog site–I am enjoying reading all of the things that you have done. Thanks for following my blog.

    “Feed Yard Foodie”

    • Robyn says:

      Anne, thanks for stopping by the Ranch Wife Chronicles. I appreciate it. I do enjoy the Feed Yard Foodie!

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