That Cowboy Lady

Rancher, Wife and Mother, are some very important life roles my Mom plays.

Mom knows, a Hard Days Work.  From breaking and clipping club calves to tending a garden.  From rocking a baby to being Mother of the Bride.  From chopping thistle to AIing cows.  From entertaining extended family Holidays to teaching Sister and I to cook and bake.  Calving and laming, branding calves and moving pairs.  Mom has done it all and more.

FFA Chapter Banquet, 1999.

She gives, love and kindness to her young daughters.  Sometimes its tough love, but no matter what she is there to listen and guide.

Mom gives to her community by being a 4-H Mentor, being active in the church and a helping neighbor.

Nebraska State Fair, 1998.

She is a past 4-H Leader.  Mom spent many hours in the barn teaching her girls about livestock, but more importantly about life.  She has also helped many 4-H Club Members, club calf and lamb buyers in the same way.

Mom “knows the ropes” to showing livestock and all the stinky dirty laundry that goes with it.

As kids and teenagers Mom spent endless hours exposing us to agriculture, hauling us to livestock shows, judging practice and contests, speech and demonstration competitions, 4-H Meetings and more.

County Fair, 1998, Champion Club Group of 5. Mom and Dad raised and sold all these claves to the 4-H Club Members.

Mom gives 100% to every project she takes on.  She is fully engaged as a Rancher, Wife, Mother, Friend, Neighbor, Magazine Advertising Manager and Writer.

Mom with Pearl and Riley.

She is willing to work with and help young people.  She knows the importance of Agriculture in our lives and the potential today’s youth have.  She was one of those youth and raised two daughters involved in production agriculture today.

Nebraska State Fair, 2011. Mom and the Crew showing Southdowns!

Mom is willing to look at and research both sides of the story or issue and give you her opinion.  An opinion also supported by age, experience and the wisdom that comes with it.

As Sister and I have grown Mom’s role has change.  It’s the fundamentals she taught us on the many road trips to shows and early mornings in the barn that have helped make Sister and I who we are today.

College Graduation from SDSU, 2003.

Thank You Mom; I Love You!

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6 Responses to That Cowboy Lady

  1. Patti G says:

    Hi Robyn!
    Nice to meet you. So funny that your mom is a Patti & that your name is Robyn. I have a little sister named Robin!
    Have a great week – thanks for stopping by my Scavenger Hunt yesterday.

  2. Candy C. says:

    Beautiful tribute to your Mom!! 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    What a lovely tribute and beautiful testimony to your mom. She sounds like an awesome lady!

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