Thankful Thursday – Slim Buttes

To celebrate our Anniversary J and I decided to take a 4-wheeler ride through the Slim Buttes.  Our friends B and L joined us.  They brought their little girls, C and S, too.

I thought it would be relaxing to take a ride and fun to get together with friends.  We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed a beautiful fall day.  J had toured the Buttes before and was our trail boss.

The Slim Buttes are an extension of Custer National Forest.  They are also home to the historical Battle of the Slim Buttes.

“The Girls” L, S, C and I.

We found a pretty place to take pictures of  our adventure.

My little buddy!

This tree is a Land Survey Monument

We drove along all kinds of different trails.  Smooth and dusty; rocky and rough.  The trees kept us out of the wind.  We did have to take off our hats when we were not surrounded by forrest.

4-Wheeler Trail

The Slim Buttes are grazed by cattle.  J didn’t think I needed to take more pictures of cows; even though I wanted to.  They were red cows!

S with the guys, B and J.

Another Trail

There are natural springs all over the Buttes and ranchers are able to use the water for livestock.

Spring fed water tank.

This was the end of our trail.  We got back on the highway and headed for the pickups.

That was a fun ride.

I told J that we had to have a picture taken together.  He is not a big fan of getting his picture taken.  Maybe because he is one of my most photographed subjects.

J and I

When we got home I went to making supper and J gathered the eggs.  I was so excited when he showed me that one of the pullets laid an egg!  They are so little.

Time spent out in nature on a beautiful fall day with friends made for a great Anniversary!


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  1. Candy C. says:

    What a great way to spend the day! Looks like you all had fun enjoying the beautiful scenery! 🙂

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