Wild Plums in Bloom

Last Friday I saw blooms in the plum thickets. I was excited to take advantage of a bright blue sky and evening light. The first blooms of spring warm my heart and am keeping my eyes open for lilac blossoms.

May 7Our April 30th branding went good. We had a gorgeous morning to work calves before the wind hit. We have intentions to work another group of calves tomorrow, but will have to see what this weather pattern does today.

The cows are trickling along with calving. We might get a calf or 3 one day, then go a day or two with none. The tail enders seem to take forever to have babies.

May 7Since the cows have slowed down calving, J and I have been doing a few odd jobs. It still takes most of the morning to do chores leaving the afternoon to catch up on spring tasks and shop work.

With the nice weather it feels good to be out working and not bundled up like an Eskimo.May 7We had a rain shower on Monday; just enough to wet the ground and spot up my glasses while checking cows. Yesterday we ended up on the edge of the moisture and received .38″ of rain. We were glad to get the moisture, but are on the dry side.

May 7Saturday we traveled to the Hills to celebrate the life of J’s Uncle who lost is battle with cancer. Again, it was a beautiful spring day. The type of day that reminds us to be grateful for each day we have on earth and the importance of faith, friendship and family.May 7Yesterday was the last afternoon of religious education for the current school year. We playe games instead of having class. It was fun to watch the kids unwind and I enjoyed how the kids interacted with each other. The 5th graders showed leadership skills and all of the kids included everyone in the games. Watching the youth of our Church helps me see the good in our community and the bright future ahead.

What have you been up to lately? 

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6 Responses to Wild Plums in Bloom

  1. lisa says:

    Lambing is down to two ewes !! Still have one hiefer hanging out. After this week…everything is getting turned out. We’ve gotten around 1/2 in. Of rain..and loving it. I have my flower bed I’ve been working on mostly planted! I still have to buy my rock to cover it and move more plants over to it..so I can start on the next. God bless. Lisa

    • Robyn says:

      Glad to hear you are down to the end of laming and calving! The cows are ready to turn out, the grass still needs a little more time. It’s such a good feeling to get the livestock turned out.

      I cleaned up the flower bed of the west side of the house and pulled a few weeks around the rhubarb, that is all the gardening I have done. I’m going to rearrange my tractor rims and asked J to help me. I thought if he would help me get that done I can prepare them to plant while he is farming.

      How are you coming along on your blog idea?

  2. Myla says:

    Serious question, can you eat these wild plums? Do they even bare fruit? What have I been up to… Going, going, going! This Spring is flying by and I’m eagerly anticipating my SIL’s baby shower. Just a few more things on my to-do list and I’m set and ready!

    • Robyn says:


      Our plum thickets bare no fruit. In Nebraska the ditches where my folks are at have thickets that bare lots of fruit. The first summer I took J for a visit, he was amazed that we consider plum thickets a noxious weed vs making jam and jelly or eating the fruit.

      2015 really has gone in the blink of an eye. Must be a sign that we need to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy the view more often. I hope to see a blog post about the baby shower! It’s fun to be an Aunt.

  3. Cheri says:

    Condolences to you and J.
    We are done branding. Kinda! Ha! Just have 40 itty bitties left to go. It’s nice to have that behind us. Bulls are out doing their job. Getting the pool summer ready. Odds and end jobs. Got a new/used tin on one of the barns here. Looks good! 🙂
    Hope you guys have good weather for more branding!

  4. Kim says:

    I think your plum blossoms are about a month behind ours. They sure are pretty against that blue sky. Here in Kansas, some of the plums bear fruit and others don’t. Sandhill plum jelly is a favorite treat for lots of people.

    Hope you get some rain without severe weather. The forecasters are all saying that Saturday will be a bad weather day in Kansas. That is one part of spring that I could do without!

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