Terra Cotta Pot Painting

I like to do crafty projects. Crafty projects that are simple and don’t cost much. A few years ago I bought a pile of terra cotta pots for 10 cents each. They have been sitting in the basement or garage waiting for me to do something with them.

I came across a blog post with lots of painting ideas. I had left over paint from when I painted my living room (10 years ago) and entryway. I also had primer and ambition.

The primary website I used was Better Homes and Gardens, search terra cotta pots.

June 21

Step 1: Wash pots and let dry.

Step 2: Paint pots with primer. It  might take two coats of primer to get a good cover.

Step 3: The fun part, coming up with a design and colors.

Step 4: Paint.

June 21

My house decor is Americana; I love stars and stripes. I saw this blog post via Google+ and knew it would be a perfect. I had stars left over from a long ago scrapbooking attempt; I taped them to the pots and painted around them. After the paint dried I took the stars off and touched them up. I used to much paint and some of the stars were more like blobs, therefore no two stars are alike making my pots “rustic.” I used painting tape to create the stripes. After painting the blue and red I peeled the tape of and was left with a white stripe.

June 21

Sage Green is the color of my entry and the purple was from some project idea I don’t remember. The white stripe on the top two pots were made by placing rubber bands on the pots. The upper left pot had one rubber band, while the upper right five. I placed two rubber bands together to make a wider swirl stripe and one rubber band at the top.

June 21

On the silver pot I used tape for the stripes and spray painted the silver. The bright red pot was also spray painted. I then used chalkboard paint for the black accents. The blue pot was spray painted and speckled with silver. I didn’t like the spray paint as well as painting because it was uneven or drippy.

The red and white pot was painted and again I used tape to make the stripe.

June 21

This was a fun project. I had all the supplies I needed and freed up some space in the basement. Living in the middle of nowhere it’s nice when I have the supplies I need at the time an idea strikes. Rainy days help keep the creative vibe going. The family and friends I have given pots to enjoy the thoughtfulness of a homemade gift.

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6 Responses to Terra Cotta Pot Painting

  1. emily says:

    Very cute! I don’t know if I would have ever thought to do that!

  2. Those are so awesome, Robyn! I am not “crafty” at all, but I love flowers and pots 🙂 My middle daughter shares your love and bemoans the fact that she was blessed with a mother who wasn’t “crafty”! I am going to have her read your post — maybe she will get inspired to make us something beautiful.

    Thanks for the smile,

  3. Bonnie says:

    I love them. You did a great job!

  4. Jen says:

    Oh they look fantastic! What a fun project.

  5. Roan says:

    Love these pots! I might give this craft a try. I have some old pots down in the basement that would work nicely, but suspect I will wait until winter when it’s too cold to get out.

  6. They turned out great, Robyn!
    I love making (and giving) homemade / hand personalized things.

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