Sunshine After The Rain

There are few things nicer than a good soaking rain followed by sunshine. After the rain cleared out Monday night, the rest of the week was all about sun and nice temps. In addition, we didn’t even have much wind.

Sunday another moisture system moved in. It started misting after chores and lasted all day. We even had a couple down  pours in the afternoon. This morning I see .31″ in the gauge.

April 25

With the temperature in the low-mid 30’s and rain we kept a close eye on the cows. Monday they kept us consistently busy. J tried to catch the cows calving and get them in the barn. It’s much easier to let the cow carry her calf in than it is for us to haul in a cold baby. Tuesday morning we took pairs out of the shed and the cows kept on calving heavy. We had a big run of calves on Wednesday too. Friday calving slowed down, a lot.

April 25

J and I escaped on Friday! Neither of us had been off the ranch for a day since we started calving. The folks did chores and held down the fort. J and I had a much appreciated day off. We had several stops in to make in the Big City, but also took our time and enjoyed the day.

I got the remainder of the materials I need for the Consider Birds art class I’m starting next month. I love Michales! I found lots of good deals and meandered around for an hour.

Menard’s was another favorite stop for the day. While J was looking at gutters and gutter accessories, I was in the garden department taking pictures. Yes, I’m the nerd you see taking pictures of gorgeous flowers at Menard’s. It’s pretty early to plant my garden, but now I have the gardening bug. Saturday I did some soil prep and mowed the lawn. I think this is the earliest I have mowed in the 11 1/2 years I’ve been living on the prairie.

April 25

When I went to feed the cats on Wednesday morning my little Sweet Pea was very happy to see me. The last few weeks I’ve been telling her “Sweet Pea, your belly is bigger today than yesterday.” After stepping into the barn, I heard some noise and found these little guys! Sweet Pea didn’t have them in the greatest place, but she is taking care of them and so far they are still alive.

While bedding down the shed on Saturday J discovered a second nest of kittens! We have three females and I think they have all had babies.

April 25

This week I read Row for Freedom: Crossing an Ocean in Search of Hope, by Julia Immonen. This is a true story of five women rowing across the Atlantic Ocean for a cause. These women are passionate about increasing the awareness about human trafficking and modern day slavery. Their row set two Guinness Book World Records. Two of the rowers were the first women from their country to row across an ocean. Julia gives many tidbits of down to earth inspiration that makes a person think.

April 25

This week my favorite sister celebrates another trip around the sun! Happy Birthday to one of the strongest women I know. I am blessed to call you sister and lucky to have you as a friend!

Rob & Mick sadle back

We are all leaders. Whenever we come into contact with others, we have the power to influence their lives, the potential to inspire them, to make them think, and to reconsider things. Julia Immonen, Row for Freedom: Crossing an Ocean in Search of Hope

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2 Responses to Sunshine After The Rain

  1. Bonnie says:

    I miss farm kittens! Unfortunately they don’t do so well in the hills. The mountain lions enjoy snacking on them. The other issue is the kittens grow into cats that eat my beloved grouse. I’m glad you were able to get some moisture. Can’t wait to see your artwork!

  2. Pamela Galindo says:

    This is May 01 …Sunday night. I am happy to report that I heard some thunder rumbling in the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada’s and before too long our dry valley had a little bit of rain. It wasn’t a soaking rain, and it didn’t last too long, but it was rain. Each raindrop is so precious here. I really enjoyed the new kittens on the farm and the cute calves. I am very happy to have the chance to read your blog.

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