Sunday on the Ranch

Sunday morning we woke up to light showers.  It is hard to take pictures of black cattle, on a cloudy day when it is wet.  None the less I tried.

We filled the first group of cattle going out east.  Now we are working on the second group; they go west into the “milk cow pasture.”  Yesterday morning we took these pairs on out to a further west pasture.

While looking over the old calves for health I multi-task looking for good picture opportunities.  I snapped these shots. 

This afternoon I took a nap.  I must have needed it because I slept way longer than I anticipated.  After I woke up and got an afternoon snack, J and I headed to tag and take pairs out.  J trailed the pairs out of the calving pasture to the milk cow pasture.  I took the pairs across the milk cow pasture and made sure they got all the way out west.

The old cows know the route.  Once we get them headed in the right direction they pretty much take themselves out.  The second calvers need a little guidance. 

This little gal will go out today; she was to new to make the trip yesterday.

The chickens were busy pecking around in the spring afternoon sun.

Taking out pairs is one of my favorite things to do.  It is calming, relaxing and fun.  There are days the cattle are challenging and cause frustration, those experiences we term character building.

Up early this morning as J needed help tagging babies born last night.  I am also on duty to take pairs out after I get home from the town job.  So far, a good start to a beautiful day.

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