Stormy Clouds – Close to Wordless Wednesday

Sunday evening we had another rain come through.  Lucky for us it only dropped .10″ of rain.  The Friday before we got .25″ and last Wednesday 1.70″.  We are thankful for all the good moisture as the grass and cattle look good.  To be honest, we could use some dry weather and a little heat.  We need to finish up haying and think about spring wheat harvest.  J also wants to haul a few bales in from the field.

I missed the double rainbow!  I am not a big TV watcher, but enjoy Food Network Star on the Food Network.  I looked outside and saw the double rainbow, but was torn to see who was eliminated this off the show this week.  I did get a few pictures and watched the main rainbow dissolve into thin air.

Looking east after the rain on Sunday evening.

Clouds in the south east sky.

The previous pictures are NOT color edited and taken without the flash.  I turned on my flash and got this picture.

Another view of clouds in the south east sky.

Clouds are building again on Monday afternoon.


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6 Responses to Stormy Clouds – Close to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Thanks for linking up! What stunning photos. I love the summer sky…even the stormy skies.

  2. Leontien says:

    Beautiful skies! I always loved the skies in America more then the ones in the Netherlands…. not sure why but probably because you see more of it!!!


    • Robyn says:

      Thanks for the comment, Leontien. I enjoy your blog, especially the posts about the different ways Americans do things v. the culture of the Netherlands.

  3. Kim says:

    Awesome pictures!! Visiting via Katie.

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