State Fair Scavenger Hunt

I found all the prompts for this week’s Scavenger Hunt at the State Fair or at home.  I hope you enjoy more pictures from my Nebraska trip!

These pictures of Southdown sheep are candid.  The left picture is of the Reserve Champion Southdown Ewe.  The Judge was blunt when praising this ewe for her ideal breed character.  The middle picture honestly shows how comfortable and happy a sheep can be while at the Fair.  The right picture is of Sister showing the ram.  Showing livestock is putting yourself out in the open ring to be evaluated by the judge, fellow breeders and the crowd.

Riley is not a dog that needs toys.  He prefers love, hugs and belly rubs.  Riley also enjoys the occasional table scrap and 4-wheeler ride.

All 5 Senses are working while at the State Fair.  This Dorset ram’s horns are curling around his ears and in front of his eyes.  The piglet has a little nose to smell with.  Molly loves the taste of a bone she found.  These two High School girls stopped to touch and feel the soft lambs.

No batteries are needed when trimming sheep.  A good pair of shears works just fine.  Mom learned a few pointers from a sheep showing pro.

Mom’s guard animal “Daisy” is half llama, half alpaca.

Living a candid life requires us to use our senses.  We can’t have our eyes or minds half-open.  We must keep our batteries charged so we can see and experience life.  Our lives are full of guidelines and rules, but sometimes we need to sit down and enjoy the simple things; to hug our family, rub the dog’s belly and play with toys.


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19 Responses to State Fair Scavenger Hunt

  1. emily says:

    I love how you made it work with the scavenger hunt!!

    • Robyn says:

      Hey Emily! I had to think a little on the SH prompts to get them to work and share more of my picts from Home and State Fair. I like the way SH makes me think outside the box. Now to start on next weeks prompts.

  2. I agree Robyn, we need to stop and do the simple enjoyable things often! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #46!

  3. love your wrap-up comments about this week’s words. My fave pic is the first one – CANDID. Incredible expressions on those sheep.

  4. Nancy says:

    So glad to see more fair photos, Robyn. Thanks for sharing at YSB this week. xo

    • Robyn says:

      Nancy, the fair in GI is different than Lincoln, but I love it! There is less “commercial stuff” to look at, but I am good with that. The 1st weekend crowd was just right. Last year Mom and I walked through the photography and horticulture 4-H displays, but didn’t get a chance to do so this year. Did you take in the fair?

  5. Kim says:

    Thanks for the trip to the state fair via snapshots, Robyn! Our state fair starts on Friday.

  6. Ida says:

    How fun to have gathered all the prompts from the Fair.
    My favorites were the Candid shots of the Sheep and the 5 Senses shots.

  7. Candy C. says:

    I love the middle candid sheepie, he does look happy! 🙂
    I had never heard of a half llama-half alpaca before, what kind of temperment does Daisy have?

    • Robyn says:

      Funny you should ask about Daisy’s temperament, Candy! She is not very personable and she is an OK guard animal. When she senses danger Daisy will gather the sheep and heard them into the lot, then stand in the gate so the sheep can’t get out.

  8. Teresa says:

    I love this series. Looks like it was a good time at the fair. I think my favorite shot is toys. Beautiful dog.

  9. Oh how fun that you found all the prompts at the fair…I love them all. The sheep shots and the senses are great series shots!! Looks like a great time!

  10. Great shots! Half llama and half alpaca? Now I’m so confused…LOL!

    • Robyn says:

      Amy, Alpacas are a “cousin” to llamas. They are similar, but built a bit smaller. I am sure there are other differences, but this is the simple answer. Thanks for stopping in!

  11. Always nice to see the agricultural community showcase their hard work. Our County Fair starts this evening with the opening ceremony.

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