State Fair Animals

Today I have a few more pictures from the Nebraska State Fair to share. I love walking through the barns and taking in the livestock, horses, poultry and more.

It seems like J and I are living at the speed of life and it’s a fast track. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We planned our trip to Nebraska so we could get home to pull bulls off the cows on August 25th. Within an hour of being home, a neighbor called and said we had cattle out. We decided to go ahead and pull the bulls in that pasture since we had to take 4-wheelers to get our cattle back in. The weather was cool and it would be one less pasture to haul home from on Monday.

September 2

Monday morning we were greeted by 48* and headed out to pull more bulls. I have never worn my snow pants, hooded sweatshirt and coat in August, but there is a first time for everything. By days end all the bulls were home, cull bulls sorted to haul to town and J did his regular weekly cattle check.

Tuesday morning (50*) J and I moved a group of pairs and the replacement heifers to new pastures. We also took out salt and mineral and counted the yearlings. Due to the rain from the previous weekend it was too wet to haul hay so we cleaned the calving shed as well as got the swather and baler power washed and put away for winter storage.

September 2

Wednesday was a day of odd jobs as it was still too wet for hay hauling. I went to town in the afternoon for a meeting.

J took the cull bulls to the Hills on Thursday and I headed north on a parts run. J also ran errands and stopped by to see his folks. I did odd house jobs and packed our bags for the weekend.

September 2

Late last June J and I scored tickets to see Alabama at the South Dakota State Fair. We purchased the tickets at half the regular price and got three sets. Mike, KJ, Mark and Jona went to the concert with us. Good music, fun and a weekend with college friends is always good for the soul! Stay tuned for a short report from the South Dakota State Fair on Thursday.

Sunday evening we got another .35″ of rain; we love the moisture and cool temps. At the same time, we really want to get some hay hauled. Yesterday afternoon we got several loads home.

September 2

Did you attend a State Fair this season? Have you seen Alabama in concert?

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6 Responses to State Fair Animals

  1. Darcy says:

    Sounds like you have been BUSY! 🙂 I bet Alabama was awesome! And I love the Nebraska State Fair, especially now that it’s in GI – they have the best facilities there to really enjoy what is going on in the barns!

    • Robyn says:

      Alabama was excellent!
      You’re right the State Fair facilities in GI are really nice. Livestock and people seem to flow nicely.
      South Dakota’s State Fair is more like when Lincoln hosted the event. The livestock is spread out, bigger trade show and booths/equipment to walk through.

  2. Cheri says:

    Sounds like fun. Nebraska must be a big fair? Our little fair is small small small. But awesome for the kids.
    It’s been in the upper 40’s here in the mornings, and struggling to get to the 80’s. But it gets there. We are terribly dry here. We will get moisture some day!

  3. Kim says:

    I loved all the state fair photos, especially those from the birthing center. Our state fair starts on Friday. With the new baby set to arrive any day, we’ll see whether or not we get to the fair. We’re supposed to go on September 11 for a Master Farmer-Homemaker event. AND, I’m thinking that sweatshirt weather sounds good to me!

  4. I did not attend a fair this year, altho I always enjoy them when I do. I grew up in Dallas so come September the Texas State Fair was a big deal. The schools even closed for a day to let the students go to the fair…I said it was a big deal!! Glad you are getting the rain, but know that detains your haying.

  5. amanda says:

    I’m always a little ashamed to say that I’ve never been to the MN state fair! We don’t make it all the way down to the twin cities are very often at all. But it sounds like there is much fun to be had there & we know a lot of local 4Hers who go.
    Fall is in the air here, too.. leaves are starting to fall in our yard this week and there’s a feeling that frost might arrive any night. The wind is crisp today!
    I know almost every Alabama song by heart – always glad you guys find time for fun amidst all the busy work!

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