Spring, Winter or Sprinter?

On Thursday the 14th we got 4-6 inches of heavy wet snow.  By Friday afternoon most of it had melted.

Thursday April 14th.


Looking down the driveway on Friday afternoon.


Yearlings eating cake.


Gathering pairs on Sunday morning.


Roxie patiently waiting and ready to work.


What in the world! ... Who is that?


This morning would make a beautiful December day as it is 32 and snowing.  Another winter storm is coming our way in the next few days.  They are calling for 5-6 inches of snow for us.  A gal from a blog I read termed this season Spinter.  I am ready for spring!

Saturday I made Triple Chocolate Cheese cake.  This is a baked cheesecake with layers of dark, white,and semi-sweet chocolate and an Oreo cookie crust.  Recipe to come on Wednesday’s post.

The Pioneer Woman is influencing our meals this week.  I have a brisket marinating in the refrigerator for supper on Tuesday.  Tonight I am going to try the MM Sandwich – PW Style

Wishing all of you a great week!

Is it Sprinter or Spring at your house?  Are you a fan of the Pioneer Woman’s cooking?  What is your favorite recipe from PW?

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4 Responses to Spring, Winter or Sprinter?

  1. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun says:

    It’s full on spring here…in fact almost summer like with highs in the 80s all week. I can’t believe you are still getting snow. Although I know I will be jealous of your milder temps when we’re at 100+ degrees soon. LOL

    Sounds like some yummy meals ahead. And that cheesecake sounds insanely droolworthy.

  2. Robyn says:

    My Cowboy really liked the MM Sandwich! I thought the flavor was good using beef broth instead sherry. Cube/Tenderized steak is just not my favorite cut of meat.

    This brisket recipe is one I make often. I have adjusted the amount of soy sauce down as it can be too strong for us. This time I got it just right!

  3. We have SPRINTER in North Dakota and I am so tired of it. I love PW’s cooking and make just about anything of her recipes. I love her cinnamon rolls with the maple coffee icing. I love also the bacon meatloaf…and so many other recipes!

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