South Dakota Rural Women in Agriculture Conference

Last week I went to the South Dakota Rural Women in Agriculture Conference.  The event was located at the K Bar S Lodge near Keystone, South Dakota.

My good friends KJ (middle) and Miss J (right) attended the conference with me.  Here we are at the Prairie Berry Winery for the pre-conference wine tasting.  This was my third conference, Miss J’s second and KJ’s first.  To say we had fun, may be an understatement!

Women in Ag is a perfect way for Farm and Ranch Women to get away from home and do something for themselves.  We build relationships, make connections, share ideas and listen to inspirational speakers.  Through these activities we learn more about ourselves, embrace our inner strength and grow.

Here I am with Miss J and fellow blogger Amy!

The environment is fun, relaxing and inspiring.  The stories we share are personal, embarrassing and heartfelt.  The ladies do not judge as we have been there and can relate.  We share to let each other know that “I am the only one” is not a valid thought.

Every person we meet has a story.  A unique tale about where they are, how they got there and where they are going.  Many women in the crowd are cancer survivors, some are widows, and others are young mothers.  We all have a passion for Agriculture.

Miss D and J went to college together.  We met for the first time at Women in Ag three years ago.

Faces of Agriculture was the them for this year’s Conference.  The faces in the crowd cover several areas of Agriculture and span across four generations.  Many of ladies work at home with their husbands.  Also in the crowd were Ag Journalists, Extension Specialists, Crop Adjusters, Farm Service Agency Officers, Bankers and Loan Officers,  one gal source and age verifies cattle and another works as a Vet Tech.  Don’t forget the women who work in non-ag fields to help support their families. Hair dressers, paralegals, secretaries and entrepreneurs were also in attendance.

This is a picture of all the Ladies in our county and the neighboring county that attended this year’s conference.

Elaine Doll-Dunn (left) was our wrap up speaker and Brenda Elsagher (right) the Keynote Speaker.

The planning committee set up a panel discussion titled Finding Your Place in Agriculture.  It was an interesting discussion and look at non-traditional ways of making a living in agriculture.

This gal was on the panel.  She is retired from working for the Federal Government and is currently trying to raise grapes for vinegar.  Her young daughter raises chickens and sells organic eggs.

It’s exciting to have the opportunity to attend a quality conference like South Dakota Rural Women in Agriculture.  These events are a great way to celebrate the bonds of women, exchange ideas, and take time to do something for ourselves.


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8 Responses to South Dakota Rural Women in Agriculture Conference

  1. Kari Sanders says:

    So sorry I missed it.

  2. Buttons says:

    Oh Robyn this sounds like a great way to meet women who all share a common interest in farming and understand the life as not everyone really could. We all know it can be a lonely life with lots of challenges so it is so nice to hear others stories.
    I am so glad you had a good time and met old friends and new.
    I am going to check out a few of your links. Take care hugs B

  3. Candy C. says:

    It looks and sounds like you had a good time! Can’t help but notice all the jackets! 🙂 Prairie Berry Winery…cute name!
    Jeez, has it been a year already since you attended in 2011?!? Time flies!

  4. What a neat conference! Sounds like you had fun.

  5. Tilly's Nest says:

    Don’t you just love conferences like this. I feel so connected when I go and love to catch up with new and old friends. Somehow, we always pick up where we left off! Thank you so much for linking up to the blog hop today.~Melissa

  6. glad you had a great time and made some wonderful connections

  7. Nancy says:

    I imagine it feels good to share stories and hang out with women who are familiar with what it takes to be a farmer/rancher. Great post, Robyn — very well presented.

  8. Doreen says:

    I heard about your fall conference and how our great-niece appreciated it. Is there to be one in Mitchell in March? My husband and I are close to retirement in Ag; I would like to bring two or our daughters to this conference so they can hear more about agriculture in SD as they will be caring for our land after we are gone. Can you share the dates and any info?

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