Snug as a Bug

While gathering pairs on Saturday morning I came across this little guy. His attentive mother had him hidden safe and out of the wind.

April 20

Friday evening J’s Sister and her family came to visit. Life really livens up with a 3 1/2-year-old running around! Nephew was all about helping “Uncle J, a real cowboy.” 4-wheeler rides, tractor driving, feeding cows and bottle feeding the twins is lots of fun. Lady Bug is 13 months and just getting her feet under her to walk. She is full of beautiful smiles and a few teeth.

April 20

Saturday J pulled out the Big Green Egg and smoked a Boston butt . I think his second attempt was more delicious than the first.

We were all smiles when it started sprinkling early afternoon. Sunday morning the gauge read .55″ of rain!

April 20

Sunday we were back to a day of high winds and temps in the upper 40’s. J and I took the day easy and enjoyed some rest. I made a big dent in my book, “Trail of Broken Wings” by Sejal Badani.

The forecast sounds like we are in for more spring like weather this week. I’m glad I got the bay window stained and varnished, as I’m sure J has projects floating around in his mind.

April 20

How was your weekend? Are you getting any rain?

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6 Responses to Snug as a Bug

  1. Alica says:

    What a good mama! Glad you’re getting some rain! It’s raining here now…a cooler few days are forecast. Then things will really start to pop!

  2. Darcy says:

    What a cute baby – and what a good mama! It’s nice to have cows who do the work for you. 🙂 Glad you got some moisture – we could sure use some here, but it’s one of those things we can’t control so I try not to worry about it. Have a great week!

  3. this week i’ll be sanding, staining and polying a wide-plank pine floor that we just put down in our new house. 😉 about 1500 sq feet of it!

  4. Candy C. says:

    Great series of photos! Sounds like you guys had a very nice weekend. I have developed a cold or maybe it’s just allergies, but either way, I’m feeling kinda puny. Congrats on the rain! 🙂

  5. Gwen says:

    Sweet calf, good momma … but I hope it will warm up for all of us soon! We had a little rain on the weekend … but we’re much farther north so it’s still pretty cold.

  6. Kelly says:

    was such a great weekend! Love u guys lots!!

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