Snow Covered Calves

When I go with J to do the afternoon walk through the calves, I like to grab my camera.  I enjoy the opportunity to look for different shots and find the artistic side of everyday life. Snow offers a unique look and no two calves are snow covered the same. 

December 12

This set of calves are doing good.  We had a couple minor spooks early in the feeding process, but over all they are a quiet group.  The calves are getting the morning chore routine down.  In the afternoon, a bunch of curious calves (50 or more head) will follow J wherever he walks. It’s fun to watch them. 

December 12

It’s a heat wave at our house.  We had two days in a row with a morning temp of zero and highs in the mid teens-low 20’s.  Tuesday afternoon the wind picked up and it snowed a bit. The blowing snow keeps filling in where we shovel a path.  This morning it’s 23* already.

December 12

J and I put out some straw for the calves to lay on.  They took full advantage!

December 12

Rosie is a fast growing girl!  She is officially bigger than Molly and her curiosity is increasing. Due to the cold we have her in the entryway.  Rosie enjoys rearranging the rugs, dragging around the dog dish and attacking the trash can.  Give her a bucket and she is happily entertained. Rosie loves to follow us around the yard and “help.” J is working on some basic discipline with her.

December 12

Warm wishes for a fabulous weekend!

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4 Responses to Snow Covered Calves

  1. Darcy says:

    Brrr…it looks chilly there! Hopefully some warmer weather is headed your way. The snow though is beautiful on the calves!

  2. Beth P says:

    Those temps sound a lot like what we have been having here in New Hampshire, brrrrrrrr. The calves are so cute albeit they look a little cold with that snow on their fur! 😀 Rosie is so sweet looking and sounds like she is a handful!:D
    Hugs and stay warm my friend,
    Beth P

  3. Buttons says:

    Oh Robyn I love your snowy shots. Rosie is so so cute. Our cows are taking advantage of the bedding and it was -14c plus the windchill here in the morning so it was -23c this morning you are in a heat wave:) Take care. Hug B

  4. cheri says:

    Even with snow on the babies, they look fat and happy! We just weaned the replacement heifers yesterday. They ran around a little bit, but are behaving. Only 3 escaped! They will be going to the feed bunk when they settle down completely.
    Stay warm! 🙂

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