Snoopy Yearlings

Before moving the yearlings and while it was still warm I ventured out to take pictures of them. Yearlings have an admiral sense of curiosity and a pesky knack for getting into trouble. It’s when their inquisitive nature gets them into trouble that causes the Rancher and I to fix fence.

February 26

The pasture the yearlings are in now has a small dam. There isn’t much water in it and with the roller coaster of temperatures its ice-covered, but not frozen. Tuesday morning we saw tracks going towards the middle of the dam and knew we needed to put a hot wire around the water to keep the yearling from venturing out there. Cheap entertainment for an old married couple is watching yearlings discover an electic fence for the first time; the element of surprise makes us chuckle.

When the yearlings are done eating, they start rubbing on the fence between their pasture and the calving pasture. This is an older fence that is made of woven wire and has two strands of barbed wire. Almost everyday we have a yearling or two go through the fence. On the next nice day and before we start calving cows this fence is going to be replaced. Out with the old woven wire and up with 2 or 3 new strands of barbed wire. Maybe that will save us a few headaches.

February 26

The calf twins are doing well. J got them started on a bottle and I have taken over the twice a day feeding. They are now starting to realize I have milk and when I go out to the pen I don’t have to chase them down anymore. Another day or two and they will be greeting me at the gate. This is one “Ranch Wife” task I enjoy. It makes me smile to have big dark eyes look up at me and see milk covered noses.

February 26

When I was home at Christmas time Dad suggested we go to a movie. We decided on Unbroken, but had a change of plans and didn’t make it to the theater. Beings as the book is usually better than the movie, I am now in the middle of the book by Laura Hillenbrand. Until looking at her website, I didn’t realize she is the author of Seabiscuit. I read Seabiscuit years ago and it’s a favorite of Mom and I.

I am learning a lot about World War II that I didn’t know or realize was going on at the time. The main character is in the Air Force, which really keeps my attention as my Grandpa was a radioman in a bomber plane. I’m amazed at how many soldiers were lost due to plane and non-battle accidents.

Have you seen or read Unbroken?

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6 Responses to Snoopy Yearlings

  1. Kerrie K says:

    Oh the joys of watching a naughty horse or cow realize that the fence nips back sends me into a fit of laughter. Sorry but nothing worse than chasing an escapee.

  2. Kim says:

    No, I tried to read the book and quit. Maybe I need to try it again. I know several people who really liked the book.

    Cattle always seem to want to go where they are not supposed to go. On the creek, they are always reaching across the fence to get a drink instead of going around to the open gate.

  3. Buttons says:

    Oh I LOVE LOVE your photos Robyn. Keep warm and safe. Hug B

  4. Cheri says:

    Oh yes, the yearlings! Our yearling heifers rub the fence between them and the calving heifers. We put 4 huge boulders in the bunk for them to rub on. It’s really saved on the fence.
    Love me a bottle baby. I have 1 right now. I’m hoping to find her a mama. If not, she will go to a 4-h home.

  5. Madge Bloom says:

    I had to smile at your electric fence entertainment… having grown up with them, I can tell you that I was either too short to step over or too tall to crawl under them, hence I was constantly being shocked!

    • Robyn says:

      I can relate. We had electric fences growing up. When I was in grade school we had to reach across a hot fence to turn on the water for the cows. It was not a great complement to my short arms.

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