One formal definition of a Sister is: female sibling, a girl or woman who has the same parents as another person.  True, but does not do the term justice. 

Formal definitions of a Friend include:

Somebody emotionally close somebody who trusts and is fond of another.

Rob & Mick sadle back

My sister and I are close and she one of the people I trust the most.  As kids we were defiantly NOT fond of each other, but still had an unspoken trust.  It was hard to care for someone you were constantly fighting with.

Acquaintance, somebody who thinks well of or is on good terms with somebody else.

County Fair. Not sure what Mom was thinking, but we look cute!


I love and respect my sister.  She has been with me through a lot.  She is a phone call away, always a good sounding board and tells it to me straight (no matter how much sugar coating an issue appeals to me).

 Ally: someone who is not an enemy.

Darr Feedlot tour.


We were not close until high school.  In fact we tried to kill each other several times.  When our disagreements turned to something bigger (i.e. broken windows or doors, severe bleeding, curfew) we became instant buddies, hugged and made up, then became a united front before we had to face Mom and Dad.  

Advocate: a defender or supporter of a cause, group or principle.  

My High School Senior Pictures.


No matter how much we argued, fought, and scrapped at home once we got on the school bus the ally thing returned.  No one and I mean no one better mess with my sister.  We were there for each other and still are.

M Wedding Day - November 2009


Sisters are the people in the world who know you the best.  Who else do you trust to tell your secrets to?  She can’t tell anyone because I know too much about her.  Who else shared the same experiences growing up?  No matter what you are dealt in life sisters know you at your best and your very worst, they accept both and love you no matter what.  Or at least mine does. 

Happy Birthday M; I Love You!

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